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Homemade Gifts | Last Minute Gift Ideas

Unique Christmas gift are truly the best gifts, especially if they are homemade gifts. Crafted, inexpensive Christmas gifts are personable, thoughtful, ideal, and very practical. Homemade gifts indicate that the gift is specific to the individual receiving it, which makes it exceptionally special.

homemade gifts

Gift giving is stressful. There’s no better way to say it. Mass produced gifts do not last as long as they should, and in truth, not unique. This is why homemade gifts are much more appreciated. The effort an individual puts into making a product is an indication of love.

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Think about it like this, homemade Christmas ornaments made from our children are our most prized holiday decorations. This little ornaments bring happy memories and a special time in our lives.

In truth, who can remember what your aunt purchased for you from Amazon in 2010?

Get my point?

Food and Beverage Gifts

Throughout the centuries people expressed love and gratitude through food. This fact remains true to this day and age. Especially in the homesteading community.

What better gift is there than food? None, if you ask me.

Apple Pie Moonshine

Homemade Gifts – Bath and Body Gift Ideas

People love bath and body gifts. They are practical and ideal, not to mention extremely easy to make. Let me add, homemade bath and body gifts are chemical free and ideal for those who like a more natural item.

unique Christmas gifts
Easy DIY Beard Care Kit by Joybilee Farm

Still need a few more ideas? How about 15 more homemade bath and body gifts.

Homemade Gifts For the Home

Unique Christmas gifts generally consist of DIY projects, which also makes them inexpensive Christmas items. These are items which others will not make themselves and are practical, making them the ideal gift.

unique christmas gifts
DIY Bee’s Wax Wraps by Piwakawaka Valley

Homemade air freshener, small spinning spice rack, and window sill gardens, and much more can be found here, 10 DIY Gifts for the Home.

Sewing, Woodwork, Crafting

unique Christmas Gifts
DIY Boot Rack

Specialty gifts such as woodworking, sewing, or crafting unique gifts are a true treasure. These items are easy to make, though the do take special equipment to make. Many of these gifts are made with recycled material, making them inexpensive Christmas items.

Regardless of how organized you are there will always be that last minute gift!

Merry Christmas to you, and I hope the holiday season is going well!

homemade gifts

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  1. I am crushing on the embossing on the jar lid label in the top pic! May I ask how you did that/what tools you used? Soooo cute!
    Great gift ideas!

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