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Gutter Gardening | Container Garden

Gutter gardening is ideal for individuals who are limited in space, or for those who wish to maximize the space they have. Growing food is ideal, however, growing foods in a gutter is creative and out of the box. Why is Gutter Gardening Beneficial? Gutter gardening, who would have thought? It is an unconventional method for gardening, but one which…

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Pickled Asparagus | A Blue Ribbon Recipe

Pickling asparagus is a great way to preserve this springtime item. Take a minute to try this blue ribbon recipe which can be enjoyed straight from the jar! With that said, this blue ribbon pickled asparagus recipe partners perfectly with a great homemade Bloody Mary. Pickled asparagus is one of those things that pairs perfect with everything.  I mean, absolutely…

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Steam Canner | How to Use One Confidently

A steam canner is a canning tool used to preserve foods that are high acidity. This canning tool has revolutionized how jams, jellies, fresh fruit,  fruit juice, pickled items, and much more are preserved at home. The bonus with using a steam canner? This canning tool can be used on, both, a tradition and glasstop stove. Steam Canner – Why…

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DIY Wood Box for Firewood Storage

A DIY wood box for firewood storage is ideal for those who utilize a wood stove as a source of heat and for cooking. Keeping a firewood storage container closer to the house is simple convenience. Individuals who use multiple cords of wood during the winter months do not have the ability to store all of it close to the…

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Dial Gauge Pressure Canner | Can Confidently

Using a dial gauge pressure canner is an easy task. Build your confidence with these few easy steps and tips. A dial gauge canner is an easy tool to use for preserving low acidity foods. These steps will guide you through the process, leaving you comfortable and confident. Vegetables that are not pickled, meat, and dried beans (just to mention…

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Preserving the Harvest – My New Book

The Farm Girl’s Guide to Preserving the Harvest is a comprehensive guide to preserving foods at home. Transition through each phase of home food preservation with confidence and ease, while enjoying my family’s favorite recipes. Each chapter contains updated information that will allow you to make a sound decision on how foods will be preserved in your home. The guidelines…

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Beef Tongue Tacos Recipe | Tacos de Lengua

Beef tongue tacos are fantastic when prepared properly. The ability to transform a tough muscle into a melt in your mouth tender meat doesn’t take talent; it takes patience and time. Keep the flavor simple by serving tacos de lengua with a few basic toppings. Street tacos in the comfort of your home. It doesn’t get much better than this….

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Simple Living | Tips to Decluttering Your Home

Simple living, especially in a small home, is necessary. Purging is essential to creating a space which is organized, clean, and comfortable. The thought of purging is delightful to many; however, many find it to be a struggle. How does one let go of sentimental items in order to make small space living doable? And when I say sentimental, I’m…

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Pressure Canners | Selecting the Best Option

Selecting the best pressure canner for you can be a confusing and difficult decision. Learn what a dial, weighted, and a dual purpose pressure canner have to offer before making a decision. Pressure canners have come a long way over the years. Yet, many are still fearful to use them due to the horror stories of the past. Gone are…

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Raising Ducklings | Brooding, Feed, Tips

Raising ducklings is easy, and in truth, much easier than raising chicks or turkey poults! Learn about breed selection, brooding, feed options, and other beneficial tips. The decision has been made to incorporate ducks onto the property. And to be quite frank, who can resist ducklings? Not many. However, raising ducklings is different than brooding chickens and other poultry. Ducklings…

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Top 13 Duck Breeds to Raise for Eggs

Top 13 duck breeds to raise for eggs. Learn which duck breeds are prolific layers, laying between 150 and over 300 eggs per year. In addition to this, it’s important to know what breeds forage the best. Ducks which forage well produce a better tasting egg.` You have made the decision to incorporate ducks onto the property. However, which breed…

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