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Canning Dried Beans with Bean Bread Recipe

Canning dried beans is about having homemade convenience foods in the pantry. Enjoy the simplicity of opening a jar of ready to eat home canned beans without the hassle of pre-soaking them. Leave behind the metallic flavor found in aluminum cans by canning dried beans at home. The process is easy and the outcome is delicious! The key to owing…

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Pinto Bean Bread | A Hearty Recipe

Pinto bean bread can easily be made in minutes using a handful of ingredients from the pantry. Though this recipe is called a bread it is in fact a loaf; similar in texture to banana bread but a much heartier option. Feel free to partner this recipe with a salad, soup, a meat option, or consumed with homemade butter and…

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Refried Beans | Using Canned Beans and Lard

Refried beans, made from scratch, is extremely easy dish to prepare. This recipe calls for the use of pinto beans, lard, and a few other ingredients. As a matter of fact, this homemade refried beans recipe compares equally to how your favorite Mexican restaurant prepares theirs! Preparing Dried Beans Begin by preparing the dried beans for cooking. Keep in mind,…

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Fermented Chicken Feed | The Health Benefits

Fermented chicken feed is easy to make for your flock. The fermented whole grains provide good gut health, requires less feed per serving, and is a way to extend the nutrients of the grains. Not to mention, fermented feed can also be fed to water fowl, guineas, turkeys, and quail. A Quick Rundown on Fermentation What makes fermentation awesome for…

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Homemade Egg Noodles Recipe

Homemade egg noodles are extremely easy to make, and quite tasty. This recipe consists of five simple ingredients from the pantry, and just a few minutes of your time. You’ll never purchase egg noodles again once you begin making this simple recipe! Cooking from scratch is not difficult, especially when it comes to making homemade pasta. Homemade egg noodles is…

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Dutch Baby Pancake Recipe

Dutch baby pancakes are better known as a grown-up version of traditional flapjacks. This easy to make recipe contains items from the pantry and takes only minutes to put together. Enjoy it! Raising poultry comes with benefit, for example, perfectly perfect eggs. However, receiving fresh eggs daily often presents a struggle. How the heck does on utilize 5 dozen a…

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Setting Homestead Goals | The First Year

Setting homestead goals the first year is vital to maintaining a sense of organization and maybe even your sanity. Homesteading goals will keep you on tract, and allow a design and structure to last. This doesn’t mean that modification or expansions will not happen, it simply means that year two will allow for important things to occur. Establishing a Focus…

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Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix

Homemade hot chocolate. It should taste amazing, but should also be easy to make. This quick and easy homemade hot chocolate mix is just that! There is nothing better than something homemade, though homemade hot chocolate ranks off the charts. Children of all ages will appreciate this homemade recipe over any packaged mix, and in truth, they will love you…

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