Raspberry Jalapeno Jam – A Bite in Every Bite

raspberry jalapeno jam - a bite in every bite

Raspberry jalapeno jam, it’s not your average jam, but one that your grown up taste buds will love you for!  Warm up some Brie or bring out the goat cheese, your tummy just got happy.

Have you ever wanted to bottle up summer?  Take the sunshine, warmth, freckles, tanned skin, summer foods and cram it all into a mason jar with a tag saying, ‘don’t open until winter’.

raspberry jalapeno jam - a bite with every bite

Lucky for us who can, cause we can! 

Raspberry jam alone is amazing, it screams sunshine, warm days, stained fingers and faces, and if you didn’t know it’s best friends to warm biscuits and hot bread.  Sometimes at the same time.

Are you craving an ol’ fashion raspberry jam yet?  I’m sure you are, it’s truly okay to admit it.

Oh, but wait just one minute!  Go ahead and throw in a jalapeno pepper, maybe even two, into the mix.  You’ve just gone from grandma’s traditional raspberry jam to something quite a bit more grown-up.  Don’t fret, we all need to grow up sometime!

raspberry jalapeno jam - a bite with every bite

Well, what do you end up with when you add jalapenos to the mix?  A sweet bite with a slight kick. 

Now, if you wanted a big kick of spicy hotness add the seeds.  However, be prepared for it to be spicy.  I personally can’t handle the seeds, but if you ask my dear husband he’ll tell you the spicier the better.  Yeah, I’d say he’s a glutton for punishment.


As with anything being preserved you will want the freshest ingredients available.  If for some reason freshly picked berries aren’t an option you can go with frozen berries found at your local market.

Since this is a jam, I don’t bother removing the seeds and don’t worry a bit about them.  If I wanted something without the seeds I would have gone with a jelly, and in truth I prefer jam over jelly.  The bites of fruit found in jam make me one happy homesteader.

  • Raspberries –  6 cup of fresh or frozen
  • Jalapeno Pepper (optional) – 1 to 2 whole peppers
  • Organic Granulated Sugar – 7 cups of sugar OR 4.5 cups for a low sugar pectin
  • Powder Pectin – 1 box
  • 1/2 pint mason jars

raspberry jalapeno jam - a bite with every bite


  1. In a heavy bottom sauce pan add the raspberries and jalapeno peppers.  Seeds or no seeds it’s up to you.
  2. Bring the mixture to a full boil (roughly 5-10 mins), add the pectin.  Stir continually until the pectin is fully dissolved.
  3. Next, add sugar and return to a full boil (roughly 1-2 minutes), continually stirring the jam until the sugar has  completely dissolved.
  4.  Skim any excessive foam that forms.  Don’t kill yourself over this step!  Simply remove as much of the foam as possible.
  5. Ladle jam into clean warm mason jars.
  6. Process in a hot water bath or steam canner.  The correct processing time will depend on your altitude.  We are under 1000 ft making our processing time 10 minutes.
raspberry jalapeno jam - a bite with every bite
Removing the foam which occurs during boiling is necessary


Is it necessary to remove the foam? 

Yes, definitely!  Foam is just jam with a lot of air in it which is created during the boiling process.  It doesn’t have flavor and takes space when filling your jars.  Trust me, you want jam and not foam. 

Some add butter to decrease the amount of foam which appears, but I don’t find that necessary, especially if you’re making your own butter like we do.

How do I learn about safe canning methods?

Referencing the National Center for Home Food Preservation can answer all your questions in regards to safe canning methods.  As a seasoned canner I’m not ashamed to admit I visit this website often!

Enjoy this friends, stock pile it for yourself or gift it, this is a recipe you will now be making every year!

raspberry jalapeno jam - a bite with every bite

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