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DIY Boot Rack for the Porch

A DIY boot rack is necessary for farmers and homesteaders worldwide. This DIY boot hanger will not only keep footwear dry but organized, as well.

diy boot rack

Living on a homestead or farm means there are often a plethora of boots and shoes laying around. And more than likely the mudroom, front or back porch is a dangerous tripping hazard.

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Maybe, just maybe your family is kind enough to kick their boots of in the entry closet. That will eliminate the tripping hazard, however, you now have an unorganized mess.

A wet and muddy unorganized mess and a headache.

Let’s fix the potential risk of additional headaches, wet boots, and an unorganized mess!

But first, let’s talk a little about DIY projects. Here’s the truth, we do them because in the end it will save us quite a bit of money. Another truth, it’s an award winning moment for the individual who completed the project. We slow clap for this individual for a job well done.

With that said, take a look at these DIY projects:

DIY Boot Rack

Thinking as a homesteader does, using reclaimed material will allow for this simple project to be completely free in cost. However, if material needs to be purchase the cost is less than $25 per rack. The cost will slightly fluctuate depending on the type of material used (cedar, treated, or untreated lumber).

But I promise, this will be the best $25 dollars spent.

Material – DIY Boot Hanger

Cedar or untreated wood is ideal for a DIY boot rack which will be hung under cover. However, if there is little cover and the boot rack will be exposed more to the elements, treated lumber is ideal to use.

Also, using an 8 foot board will allow for 2 boot racks to be constructed. Each rack will comfortably hold up to 3 pair of boots each.

  • 1 2×8 wood board
  • 6 1-inch hardwood dowels
  • 6 1 1/2-inch wood screws


  • 1-inch paddle bit
  • electric drill
  • rubber mallet
  • skill saw or table saw

Instructions – DIY Boot Rack

  1. Measure and cut the 2×8 board into 28-inches in length
  2. Cut the dowels into 12-inch pieces. This length will hold the average rain or snow boot.
  3. Mark the holes for the dowels at 4-inches on center. Drill holes using a 1 inch paddle bit at a 45 degree angel.
  4. Using a rubber mallet tap the dowels into place.
  5. From the backside secure the dowels using 1 1/2 inch wood screws.

From start to finish, and depending on your skill level, this DIY boot rack will take 25 minutes to construct. 25 minutes of your time for a dry boots and a much more organization…that’s a win in my book!

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  1. I have been searching for something I could store all 7 pairs of our wellies, and this is absolutely perfect! Thank you!

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