a no sew fleece blanket is a great practical gift for homesteading kids
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Practical Gifts for Homesteading Kids

To live a simple life means offering practical gifts for homesteading kids. Great gifts for farm kids or homesteaders consist of items encompassing our lives. This article lists books, kits, tools, and garden items to help your child with the skills needed to live a homesteading life.

practical gifts for homesteading kids are first homemade items like a no tie fleece blanket

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Gift-giving is not a strong point of mine. I try to give what the individual has asked for, yet my mind quickly says, you don’t need that.

The moment I fully encompassed living this life, I learned a few things, especially since our life is practical. Outsiders tend to find the concept of simple living foreign. However, I find this an honorable trait.

The reality of the matter is gifts have become disposable. Toys break within a few months. The individual becomes bored of what was received. And the thought that more is better is far from being true.

Hence, gifting children can be difficult and we should resort to practical gifts for homesteading kids.

Needs vs. Wants

That said, when purchasing practical gifts for homesteading kids, there are a few questions to ask yourself. Keep in mind the items found in this gift guide complied with homesteading ideas and necessary skills in mind.

  • Can it teach a skill?
  • Will it assist with fine-tuning motor skills?
  • Does it encourage independent thinking, and does it spark the imagination?
  • Will it allow the child to think outside of the box?
  • Does the item promote working as a team or strengthen independent skills?

I will go as far as to state that homesteading and farming children are of a different breed than most children—the more practical the gift, the better the gift.

Teaching skills through play is one of the best gifts a parent can give. For this reason, I compiled a list of practical gifts for homesteading kids.

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” – Proverbs 22:6

Homemade Gifts for Homesteading Kids

Without a doubt, homemade gifts are from the heart and should always be a priority when purchasing items. For this reason, especially during the holiday season, I make sure there is always one special homemade gift from me.

As you can see, homemade gifts are not extravagant. They are practical, fun items your children will come to love and remember for years.

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Homemade Gifts from the Heart

Practical Gifts for Homesteading Kids

The basic skills of raising livestock, the garden, and preserving the harvest is the tip of the iceberg in our homesteading journey. In addition to these skills, I had to teach myself and my children the art of cooking from scratch, sewing, and living a chemical-free life.

It takes years of studying and living the homesteading life to acquire the necessary skills. However, our children have the opportunity to learn about the homesteading and farming life.

Teach our children the skills needed by allowing them to play, read, utilize creative thinking, and the opportunity to work on their fine motor skills. This learning process is as simple as discovering and feeding what sparks their interest.

Books and Cookbooks

The books mentioned below are geared for children 8 and up. Remember, many of the books listed are intended for parent and child participation.

Books geared toward children provide them with the confidence to learn new skills. Also, can you spot my daughter on the cover of one of the books listed below?

DIY Kits | Ideal Gifts for Homesteaders and Homesteading Kids

The kits also listed make great gifts for homesteaders and their children, especially if they seek projects together.

We could easily teach children by having them work alongside us. However, giving them the power to do tasks independently promotes self-confidence. The items listed below provide not only confidence but also necessary homesteading skills.

The Best Gifts for Homesteading Kids? Games

Looking for homesteading ideas for your kids during the cold winter months? Great gifts for farm kids during this time of the year consist of board games and games that are homestead and farm-related!

The opportunity to gather and have fun promotes teamwork and communication. Weekly game night is a tradition every family should incorporate and one our children will come to remember.

Gifts for Farm Kids | Gardening Items and Tools

This category consists of gifts for farm kids. However, it also makes gifts for homesteaders of all ages.

Plant the seed for the life we live by teaching children how to maintain a garden, keep bees, and the opportunity to learn a skill or trade. The ability to learn these tasks is empowering to our children. Nurture this time by allowing them to be independent with the following tools and garden items.

Gifts for Farm Kids | Farm Animals

When all else fails, give them animals. Livestock not only teaches life skills, these animals teach kids how to be incredible stewards of the land and animals.

Homesteading kids who are new to homesteading or plan to participate in the following organizations, FFA (Future Farmers of America) or 4H, need to know how to handle small and large livestock. McMurray Hatchery (an incredible hatchery for homesteads of all sizes) contributes greatly to many programs, including 4H.

Families new to raising livestock often begin by incorporating poultry onto the homestead. Make sure to select the best chicken breeds for children based on their purpose, for egg, meat, or dual purpose breeds.

Raising rabbits or goats for show or meat is great for children of all ages. Handling large livestock such as pigs and beef allows children to learn the value of money. 

4H teaches children how to care for the animals, manage feed costs, and sell livestock at the auction. Selling larger livestock at an auction allows the young steward to reap the benefits of their hard work. 

Just for Fun

Let’s be honest. This category does not consist of needs but wants. This section encourages imagination, hence why the items listed make great gifts for farm kids. With that said, these items also make great gifts for homesteaders of all ages. Who doesn’t need a crazy chicken lady Barbie?

The items listed above are ideal gifts for homesteaders and their children. Each item promotes independent learning for skills needed for the life we live.

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  1. My nephew’s birthday is fast approaching, and that is why I’m thinking of buying an educational book for him. Thank you for suggesting here as well the importance of gifting him with DIYA activities will surely help improve his skills. It’s also a good thing that you suggested this home cookbook too.

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