DIY vintage patriotic candle holder

DIY Vintage Patriotic Candle Holder

DIY vintage patriotic candle holder

Simplicity is good.  Simplicity while showing off your patriotic side is better, much better!  These amazingly easy DIY vintage patriotic candle holders will look great for any holiday celebration or if you wish to leave them out year round!

The steps to make this mason jar candle holder are quite easy and require only 5 items, keeping the cost down to less than $0.65 a jar! 

What you’ll need is a mason jar or any glass jar, a 4″x 6″ flag, an Earl Grey tea bag, Modge Podge, and if you like, some fine glitter for a bit of sparkle.

diy vintage patriotic candle holder

Your first step is to soak the small flags in a cup of Earl Grey tea.

You don’t necessary need to use Earl Grey, any dark tea will work, I just happen to have that particular type.

After 1 hour of seeping, you’ll want to check the flag to make sure it’s thoroughly stained.  I chose to wash the flags once they were done seeping, but you don’t need to; hang drying them will be enough.

diy vintage patriotic candle holder

Your second step will be to adhere the flag to the mason jar. 

I tried 2 different methods and decided that placing a small amount of Modge Podge directly onto the jar was the easiest way.  The flag is then placed directly on top of the Modge Podge.  A second layer of Modge Podge is then placed over the flag giving it a finished seal. 

A tip for you, don’t be afraid to get dirty!  Use your finger to smooth the flag and remove any air bubbles, being careful to not move the flag as you do so.

diy vintage patriotic candle holder

A sprinkle of fine glitter was added to each jar to bring a touch of sparkle to it.  If you plan to display the jars where light will touch it, it’s sure to shine.

diy vintage patriotic candle holder

Once the jars have completely dried you can add a floating or a small candle to them. 

There you have it!  The process is extremely simple, and will definitely be a conversation piece for the holiday season or if you chose to leave them out year round. 

We have a few other DIY patriotic items which I think you will really enjoy – a wreath and a vintage lace flag.

diy vintage patriotic candle holder

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