How to Make an All Natural Grill Cleaner

how to make a natural grill cleaner

It’s that time of year when your most used cooking appliance is the backyard grill.  Keeping it clean is a must and there is nothing better than having an all natural grill cleaner on hand to help get the job done.

We all want something that’s going to make the tedious job of cleaning the grill easier, agreed? 

The first, and most common option to getting rid of the gunk on the grill grates would be to burn it off.  Crank up the heat, close the cover and let it burn for at least 30 minutes.  Once the grill is nice and hot grab the wire grill brush and start scraping, don’t forget to put some back into it!  Does that method work?  Yes it does.

Now, imagine this.  Spray the yucky grill grates with a DIY natural grill cleaning solution, allow it to burn off for a few minutes using high heat and then gently scrape it with your grill brush.  Does it work?  It most definitely does!

What’s the difference between the two methods?  The second option, using the natural grill cleaner, will get the grill grates cleaner.  Yes folks, cleaner.  Why not give it a try, you really have nothing to lose.  Na-da, not a thing.

What you will need

  • White Vinegar with a minimum of 5% acidity
  • Citrus Peels (orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime) OR
  • Citrus Essential Oils (like these – Wild Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime.  Our choice of trusted oils can be found here)
  • Glass Mason Jar & Plastic Lids
  • Glass Spray Bottle

how to make a natural grill cleaner

How to Make It Using Citrus Peels

  • Add citrus peels to a quart or half gallon mason jar
  • Fill jar with vinegar until the peels are covered
  • Feel free to continue to add more citrus peels and vinegar until the jar is full
  • Allow the concoction to sit for a minimum of 2 weeks.  The vinegar will begin to turn a slight shade of amber and have a citrus scent to it
  • Strain the liquid from the peels into mason jars or swing top bottles, reserving the peels to be used as an all natural garbage disposal freshener

how to make a natural grill cleaner

How to Make it Using Citrus Essential Oils

Some might consider utilizing essential oils to make a natural grill cleaner not cost effective. Keep in mind, unless you have a continual flow of citrus peels on hand, which we do not, a second option is good to have.

  • Add 96 drops of citrus essential oil (there are 250 drops in a 15mL bottle) or a combination of your favorite citrus oils into a 8 oz spray bottle (this is considered a 2% dilution)
  • Fill spray bottle with white vinegar
  • Gently swirl prior to using
  • Store in a cool dark location

how to make a natural grill cleaner

That’s it friends, that’s all it takes.  You now have a powerful natural grill cleaner, and if you’re using fresh citrus peels this is a zero waste product for your family!  But to be honest, even we run out of fresh citrus peels and have to resort to our beloved oils to pull us through.

how to make a natural grill cleaner

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