DIY Light Switch Covers for the Home

Switch plate covers do not need to be boring. Decorative light switch covers are unique, creative and extremely easy to make. DIY light switch covers custom made using scrapbooking paper, personal artwork, gift wrapping paper, and even seed packs.

decorative light switch covers

Decorative light switch covers adds personal touch and a lot of character to each room. Also, DIY light switch covers are guaranteed to be a conversation piece, especially unique designs. For example, when vintage seed packs are used.

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Customized light plates can be purchased online, though more times than not, they will not match the design of your home. In addition to this, they tend to cost a pretty penny.

Homemade decorative switch plate covers will cost roughly $0.50 to make. Such a small price to pay for a bit of uniqueness.

In addition to making these plate switch covers, try you hand at adding these easy DIY projects to the home.

Decorative Light Switch Covers

There is no limit in regards to what can be used to cover boring switch plate covers. The best part? The covers are so easy to make they can be swapped out regularly! Well, depending on your energy level and your desire to change things up.

Take a look at the plethora of material options:

  • Wrapping paper
  • Scrapbooking paper
  • Magazines
  • Seed packs
  • Vintage children’s books (copy the page)
  • Photos


Modge Pod is available in a variety of options, gloss, matte, antique finish, as well as, color tinted. Selecting what type to use will depend on the desired outcome.

I would highly advise that sponge brushes be used to apply the Modge Pod instead of paint brushes. This particular type of brush applies the glue evenly, and minimizes the any streaks when applied as a top coat.


A standard US plate cover measure 3 1/2 x 5 inches, whereas plate covers from other countries may vary. To prevent cutting the decorative paper short, cut the paper 1/8-inch more on each side. 

One other tip, apply the glue as thin as possible to the switch plate cover, and allow it to sit for roughly 30 seconds prior to applying the paper. This permits the Modge Pod to become tackier in texture.

  1. Using the rotary paper trimmer, cut the decorative paper 3 5/8-inch x 5 1/2-inch.
  2. Apply the glue to the top of the plate cover.
  3. With the application roller gently roll over the decorative paper to remove air bubbles.
  4. At each corner, cut the paper corner until it meets the corner of the switch plate cover.
  5. Next, apply glue to the edge of the plate cover. Using your finger, continually rub the paper until it adheres to the plate cover. Continue until all four side are glued in place.
  6. With sharp scissors, cut an X into the center of the switch. Apply glue and gently work each piece into place to the back of the plate.
  7. Allow the freshly glued switch plate covers to rest for 15 minutes to dry. Once dried, using the sponge brush, apply a top coat to the decorative paper, making sure to cover all exposed paper. This will help prevent the paper from lifting.

And remember, get the kids involved. This is a great family project which can be done a few times a year!

diy light switch covers
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  1. tessa says

    Don’t you just love Modge Podge?! These are so adorable and about my speed when it comes to crafts. If I’m going to spend my time on something, even fun, it needs to be useful. These would make unique gifts!


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