Steam Canner | How to Use One Confidently

A steam canner is a canning tool used to preserve foods that are high acidity. This canning tool has revolutionized how jams, jellies, fresh fruitfruit juice, pickled items, and much more are preserved at home. The bonus with using a steam canner? This canning tool can be used on, both, a tradition and glasstop stove.

Steam Canner | How to Use One Confidently

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Why is This a Necessary Canning Tool?

A steam canner is the most brilliant canning tool created. It is a much more efficient canning tool, saving water and energy costs.

Unlike a hot water bath canner, the steam canner uses only 2 inches of water. Making it an ideal canning tool to use on a glasstop stove. Because of its lighter weight when full, the steam canner is also gentler on the stove burners. Not to mention, during the summer months this tool releases very little heat. Keeping the temperature within the home more bearable.

This particular canner is capable of holding 1/2 pint, pints, and quart size jars.

Steam Canner | How to Use One Confidently

How can the jars of food be safely preserved with so little water? 

Because the steam reaches 212 degrees Fahrenheit, thus providing the same sterilizing heat as a hot water bath (HWB) canner. A steam canner is only capable of running for 45 minutes at a time. Anything longer put the canner at risk for running out of water.

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How to Use a Steam Canner
  1. Place the bottom rack that comes with the canner into the bottom pan.
  2. Fill the canner with the recommended amount of water, never exceeding about the bottom rack.
  3. Place the jars onto the bottom rack and add the dome lid.
  4. Allow the steam to heat up, then vent steam from the holes in the lid until you see a solid, unbroken column of steam.
  5. Once the unbroken column of steam is solid, start the processing time. Process canned goods for the same amount of time recommended for a hot water bath canner.
  6. Make sure the column of steam is unbroken throughout the entire processing time.
  7. Maintain the heat to regulate the column of steam. Do not set the heat too low, the chance of breaking the column of steam can occur. Setting the heat too high runs the risk of the steam canner running out of water within 20 minutes.
  8. It is important to not lose the column of steam during the processing time. If this should occur the processing time will need to begin again, starting the time once a strong column of steam is visible.
  9. Upon the completion of processing, turn off the burner, allow the steam to evaporate from the steam canner. Remove the cover once no more steam is present.

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Steam Canner | How to Use One Confidently

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