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Homesteading Housewife | a Day in the Life | EPISODE 4

A homesteading housewife. This is who I seek to be. A homesteading homemaker who wishes to serve her family and property while creating a homesteading life. Living a simple life is the desire for many woman like myself. Whatever it takes, we will achieve these goals.

homesteading housewife

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The homesteading life awakens many unknown feelings in women. We seek to live a simpler lifestyle, and do everything possible to achieve it. Homesteading women make serving their family and property a priority.

For women like us, it’s all in a days work.

The Homesteading Housewife

Remember that women back in the day? No? Well, think back to your grandmother or great-grandmother’s era.

More than likely she was a homesteading housewife who woke before her family. And more times than not, before the sun even rose. This woman wore her apron as it were part of her attire for the day.

She had bread rising and breakfast made before anyone even rose to start the day. The coffee was always warm, the butter was often freshly made, and the breakfast table was set.

This amazing homesteading housewife was generally organized. Planning the daily chores and the rest of the meals in her head as she washed the breakfast dishes.

I can’t help but compare myself, and my life, to this woman.

living a simple life

A Modern Homesteading Homemaker

But alas, we life in the 21st century. Where the cost of living exceeds a single income. Even for those who live frugally.

Can the goal to become a homesteading homemaker be achieved in this day and age? Most definitely.

Living a simple life is part of who homesteading women are. Homesteading homemakers are fighters, we will achieve the goals we set our minds to. Even if this means maintaining family, home, and property as we work outside of the home.

This group of women is known as, modern homesteading homemakers.

The schedule for a modern homemaker is much different than one who stays home full time. This woman is a warrior. A superhero. There’s no doubt about it.

She is the master schedule maker. The organized individual who must plan minute by minute the moment she her feet touch the ground.

You see, she may have clocked out of her day job, but her job is not yet over for the day.

This homesteading homemaker greets her husband, sets-up her children to do homework or chores, cooks dinner, and then….and THEN….goes about caring for her home AND homestead.

You see, regardless of her busy schedule she never lost the desire or the necessary skills to serve her family.

homesteading homemaker

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The Homesteading Life of a Modern Homesteading Homemaker

She changes from her work attire, puts on her apron and set about living a simple life at 5pm.

She walks the garden harvesting everything which needs to be gathered. Taking mental notes on what will need to be preserved over the weekend, and whether the garden will need to be weeded this weekend or the next. You’ll often see her checking the time to see if she can drop more seeds before tucking the kids in for the night.

This modern homemaker has more than likely milked the goat and/or cow prior to leaving for work, but the PM milking must still happen.

She fed the livestock and poultry before heading off to work, but must now complete the evening chores.

Did the goat kid while she was gone? Have the chicks hatched? The rabbits must be fed and checked on and the ducks must be brought up from the pond.

Once the livestock are tucked away for the night, the chores for the next morning must be completed. The waterers and feed bowls are filled. The hay feeders are topped off, the eggs are collected and the nesting boxes are freshened.

These evening chores could have been completed in the morning. But she opts to do them before putting the kids into the bath. Spending a few extra moments with her family in the morning is priceless to her.

The desire and strength which a modern homesteading homemaker contains is beyond impressive. It is admirable.

living a simple life

Living a Simple Life as a Homesteading Housewife

Whether you are a full-time homesteading housewife or a modern homesteading homemaker the end goal is the same, live the simplest life we can live. Serve our family. And care for our property.

We, as mothers, wives, farm girls, housewives, modern homemakers, take the path which best fits the life we live.

I work from home. Spending roughly 40 to 50 hours a week curating content, speaking, freelance writing, encouraging others to live a simple life through homesteading.

I wrote a book teaching others how to preserver foods as a sustainable homesteader would. The Farm Girl’s Guide to Preserving the Harvest encompass the concept of a modern homesteading housewife.


I’m up early and go to bed long after my family has. I complete morning chores, tend the garden, raise livestock, put meat into the freezer, preserve the harvest, and prepares meals as a full-time homesteading housewife would.

I serve my family makings sure to never neglect their needs. Even if this means putting my needs second. The role of a modern homesteading housewife is what I chose.

When the family or homestead require my immediate attention work (the brand) is put on the back burner. For example, during the summer months.

I do not feel the need to wear make-up on or do my hair daily. However, when I do it’s small amount of blush and mascara. If I’m feeling extra saucy I may add a bit of eyeliner.

My attire consists of yoga pants and flannels, with an occasional dress or skirt thrown into the mix. What I do wear religiously is an apron. There is nothing better to wipe my hands on, carry eggs in, or dust furniture with.

Finding the Balance

Would I change the way I am doing things? Could I minimize my workload to make life ‘easier’?

I would not change a single aspect of my life.

Finding the delicate balance of maintaining homestead, homemaking, and a job takes skill. Only you can determine if a change is needed.

living a simple life

The Homesteading Life

Some of you dream for the opportunity to work from home or become a full-time homesteading housewife. And I’ll be the first one to tell you, never give up this dream if this is what you seek.

There is no greater life than this. Regardless if you are able to do it full time or not. And don’t worry, there’s not wrong with the ‘or not’.

A homesteading life does not consist of being the perfect homesteading homemaker. A modern homemaker does not need to cook from scratch every meal. Nor does she need to feel guilty about grabbing pizza or Chinese to feed her family.

This woman will fail daily. However, that’s okay. Millions fail daily.

The modern homesteading homemaker will think she doesn’t offer or provide enough. She will always think she needs to do more.

She will only succeed if she learns to forgive herself. And in truth, there’s nothing to forgive. She is perfect. She is a homesteading housewife. A homemaker. A hero to her family.

You. Are. Perfect. And so am I.

homesteading homemaker

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  1. Just wondering what is keeping you from it. You children would really benefit from it. Yes, sacrifices may have to be made and that’s okay if you think that’s what is best for your children.

    1. The 20 hours I work are during the times our children are in school. I dropped them off and am there to pick them up. They are not with a sitter at all. Currently we have one in college, and just added a truck payment that we would like to pay off in 2 1/2 years. They do love their school and are thriving very well there, and in time I’d love to have things set up here where I can make some extra funds. Once that is in place I will be able to stay home.

  2. You hit it right in the head. I’m with you! I work roughly 10 hours a week outside the house and I’m hating it more and more. We also live in a small rural town and can. Not. Wait. To get onto the farm where my husband is every day! One day. But it can’t seem to come fast enough!

  3. I think you are a wonderful Wife, Mom, Homesteader and Teacher already … I enjoy reading about your life on the farm and I learn so much from the pictures and posts that you write … thank you for sharing ! Jayne (Canada)

  4. You’re doing a fantastic job. I’m proud of you and I know your family is too!
    One day at a time!! Farm Girl

  5. That’s a nice dream,and it sounds like you’ve set goals to make it happen. I’ve always been a house wife. Well almost always. I worked a very short time when my husband and I went to Bible college.
    I’ve always wanted to be a mama and housewife ever since I was a little girl.
    And we homeschool. We love it.

  6. Maybe it’s just me…I’m a full time,stay at home mum to three homeschooled kids. We aren’t homesteaders, only a 1/4 acre block with 10 chooks and an awesome veggie patch….but seriously, my house isn’t dusted weekly, my eldest kids job is to do the chickens food and shed every day, middle kids job is to put the clothes wash on when I ask him ( I hang it on the line and bring it in ), housework gets done once a week, deep clean twice a year. I cook three meals a day entirely from scratch. I have those extra 20hours a day and I’m still chasing my tail 🙂

    But I wish for you that you can get to be home the whole time. It rocks, even if I’m falling into bed each night grateful that my partner is happy to wash the dinner dishes every night so I can lay with the 5yo as he chats my ear off to sleep…wondering what exactly I did with the day!!

    1. This is what I was thinking the entire time I was reading this article Linda! Being on a farm doesn’t allow much spare time whether full time or part time. It’s literally a living breathing entity that relies on your care daily to work successfully. Homeschooling isn’t something I’ve experienced but I can’t imagine stacking such a heavy responsibility on top of the million others that come with homesteading! I hope this woman gets what she wants, but she should also know that being a housewife isn’t a title exclusive to those who stay at home full time and he’s doing a great job. And that that 20 extra hours won’t amount to much time just because she’s spending it at home.

      1. Hi Mallory, I just wanted to respond quickly. My day starts at 5am and ends on average at 11pm. Realistically, if I had that extra 20 hours at home, I wouldn’t need to be awake at 11pm. That’s why 20 hours IS indeed important to our family. In regards to homeschooling, I know many homesteaders that homeschool and love it…a responsibility, very much so, but one worth the investment. I’m a housewife regardless if I work or not, what I dream is to one day be a full time housewife while living this homesteading life.

      2. I was a full-time SAHM for 10 years and I did cook from scratch and keep up my garden a whole lot more then. But my days weren’t any shorter than they are now. Sounds like you are doing a great job of managing your time now BUT your list of added expectations for 22 hours is significant, so it seems to me you would get a lot more done but you wouldn’t be getting more sleep, lol.

  7. Please make the jump as soon as possible! You have one in college, so you know how quickly time flies. We’re homeschooling the last 3 of 9 children…will be done in a couple of yrs. That’s a bittersweet thought. I don’t ever regret the decision to be home. It’s work. It’s sacrifice. It’s TOTALLY worth it.

  8. I am further away from that dream than you are presently but your description leads me to believe we may be kindred spirits 😉

    I long to wear an apron all day and whip up spectacular from-scratch down home meals! I even made an apron out of an old plaid dress I had. I prefer bare feet to heels and someday in the foreseeable future, I will be turning dreams into plans!

    Your post was just what I needed to read this morning (before I head off to my part-time gig)… Found ya via Pinterest and you now have a new reader! Thanks a heap!

    1. Don’t give up that dream! My goal is turn this homestead of our into a function brand, generating funds allowing for me to stay home. We have one in college, so currently me working is a requirement!

  9. I am luck enough to be a stay at home farmer / wife/ mum. And there still isn’t enough time for all the projects I have buzzing around in my head !!

  10. Right. There. With. Ya! I work about 40 hrs./wk for State Governement. Sure, I would retire in my ealry 50’s, but my heart is not there. I’m 33, so the next few years are devoted to getting this life I want in order, to come home to the farm and start having those babies, or adopting those babies… God’s will. ♡

  11. I’m pretty sure I have done it all… Worked more than full time… worked full time…..stayed home….and now I am working about 6-10 hours a week, at a horse stable. I love the job but I know exactly how you feel about loosing those hours towards the home life. the extent of our homestead is a small garden and we have thoughts and hopes for chickens in the near future!! we have been working weekends and some weeknights to get our 20 acres in the next town up and ready for us to take the plunge into the life we dream of!! and I CANNOT WAIT!!! we are also starting homeschooling in the fall with our four children! In the meantime I am learning patience……and learning as much as I can about as much as I can!! and maybe someday have something to say on my own blog!! maybe…. I am so excited I found your blog. keep doing you! wishing you and yours the best! GOD BLESS!

    1. Thank you so very much! You will do amazing in your journey because you have a wonderful dream!

  12. Sounds like a fond dream of mine. My son and I prefer Barefeet than shoes. And a tree lined entrance to a barn house is what I’d love the most. Spending all my time with my son and husband. Living a simple life. Homesteading, cooking together, eating, talking and studying our bibles by the camp fire outside.

  13. So great to follow!! I’m too living the life without having to work(well I do work,at home). I’m a beginner farmer,just my chickens and garden right now, and a baby and 9 year old. Haha. Only thing I really ever wanted to do. I can’t wait to learn and explore, thanks for the tips! Blessed to be able to do this!

  14. You just wrote down every dream that enters my mind!! I am a school teacher also—I teach Art and Algebra to High School kids who I do love (most of the time) but I am a young wife and momma of one in the process of adding to her family and leaving her and my home every day absolutely breaks my heart!! Now, I am blessed because I have summers and holidays off…but somehow that’s just not enough for me!! I would so much rather live a bit more frugally, make use of our property, and be an awesome housewife who homeschools her even more awesome kiddos!! It’s amazing how the plans you have at the beginning of your twenties can change SO DRASTICALLY by them time you’re in your late twenties!!

    1. Just don’t lose hope of those dreams, cause honestly we have to work hard and we refuse to give up!

  15. I love this post.
    I lost my job in April and have been trying to do just this, minus the kids. My husband has been very supportive, thank the Lord and I have enjoyed it immensely.
    I think you should do it. Just think how it would nourish your soul.


  16. Holy Moly. You nailed it. I took work about 25 hours at a Christian preschool. My kiddos come with me. We’ve also just bought a home on 1 acre where I’m dreaming of creating a mini farm. ahhh… The struggle is real 🙂

    Thank you. I’m not sure how this post came into my life today. But, wow!Becky

  17. I’m working towards that as well. Although I consider myself “fortunate” in a way because, though I am disabled, I do receive an income which allows me to be at home. I have my physical limits, but I’m aware of them and I work around them, I have somehow found a way!

    What is holding me back from being that homesteading housewife is the actual homestead itself!! I live with my boyfriend and basically AM the housewife around here. I do all the home stuff: housework, meal planning, cooking, pet care and (because I’m apt) minor car maintenance. In the summer, I have a container garden (renting) and I preserve with a water bath canner, dehydrator or store stuff in the deep freezer.

    The plan is to eliminate (or greatly reduce realistically) debt by the end of 2018 (2 years left!!) and shop around for a mortgage and property at the beginning of 2019…move in the spring/summer of 2019.

    I’m 48 now, no kids, so I’ll be 50 when I start my homestead. I want to do the stuff I do now as a housewife and caretaker, but also have a large garden and some farm animals (chickens mainly and maybe some goats…we are debating horses). More dogs, we have 3 now and 3 cats…and I’m sure a few mice that I don’t know about lol!

    This is my dream. Thank you for sharing yours (that I do envy so much right now – except the 20 hours away from home!!); and I hope that you can find a way to be at home permanently, and also homeschool. I have a friend who is in the same position as you, though they have foster kids and that is the basis of their income. They have adopted and she really wants to homeschool. She is working towards that as well, though she already has the homestead and the farm going.

    Anything can be done in our lives if we have the motivation, drive and common sense to do it. Sometimes there are curves along the path, but the path always leads us to where we want to be.

  18. I am 44 years old. I too have a small homestead. We have 4 children, the youngest is 12, and older 3 are grown. I worked away from home 24 hours a week, plus volunteer fire department and volunteer ambulance service so kinda of on call 24/7. I loved each job separately, but realised I was impatient and ugly around the house because I didn’t have time to deal with people when I had the homestead to take care of too, and the cooking, cleaning, baking and making also, which I was learning that I LOVED. That was where my heart was. One day I came home from my 24 hour job and told my husband (of 24 years) that I had quit.? He just said o.k. I just walked away from everything and didn’t look back. I am a full time homesteader and housewife who first responds with the fire department when needed. I am often called Ma Ingle, and I have never been happier. I mean that ‘I feel a little guilty for being this happy’ happy. Follow your dream my friend because it doesn’t get much better than this.

  19. Girl, you are speaking my language…well, dialect. My littles are grown but 2 out of 3 still live at home. We also moved in my MIL so I still have a house full that I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to stay home and take care of! I currently work 40 hrs a week outside of the home and about an hour away. I am determined to get down to no more than 20 hours a week so I can live my dream of a housewife. That dream will have to wait a few years, until bills get paid off. Then I will be home with my family, my animals, and my house…

  20. Ann we are so similar it’s scary. Lol! I wanted to be a housewife too! And now I finally am. I love being home to make my hubby’s meals and visit with family and friends. Putter in the garden and having canning days in the summer and fall. Time to work on my blog and read for pleasure. One day you’ll have it and hey, maybe I’ll come down and we’ll meet for coffee and I’ll teach you how to crochet. Lol This is a great post!

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