DIY Wood Box for Firewood Storage
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DIY Wood Box for Firewood Storage

A DIY wood box for firewood storage is ideal for those who utilize a wood stove as a source of heat and for cooking. To minimize our footprint building a firewood box using free and recycled material is best. For convenience, keep the DIY firewood box off the porch.

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Individuals who use multiple cords of wood during the winter months do not have the ability to store all of it close to the home. Generally, a large quantity of wood is kept in a wood shed or by building a holz hausen. A wood box is neither of these methods, but instead a smaller version. A DIY wood box for firewood storage generally holds between a half to a full cord of wood.

DIY Wood Box Firewood Storage – Material

Build a DIY wood box for storing firewood using a variety of recycled materials. However, free material is better on the budget. Here is a list of free materials to use:


To begin with, consider how to construct the core. Using large pallets means using prefabricated pieces. This requires less work constructing the core of the wood box. Find pallets at the following locations:

  • Feed stores
  • Grocery stores
  • Hardware stores
DIY Wood Box for Firewood Storage


Second, collect lumber for the roof. Luckily, not much is needed. As a matter of fact, free lumber can be easily found during the Spring months. Here are a few sites to search:

  • Craig’s List
  • Facebook – local farming groups, free or trade groups, or from friends and family
  • Lumber can be purchased at a discount if it is damaged in any way


Finally, select the exterior siding for the DIY wood box for firewood. Any type of material can be used; simply make sure there is enough to complete the job.

  • Wood siding
  • Aluminum panels or metal roofing
  • Cedar fence boards
DIY Wood Box for Firewood Storage

Placement for a DIY Wood Box for Firewood Storage

What makes a wood box for firewood necessary? Nothing much. Well, other than the convenience of not having to bundle up to retrieve firewood. Also, having a larger supply of firewood closer to home means fewer trips to the wood shed.

A wood box can be stored directly on the porch, if large enough, whereas storing it off the porch is another option.

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DIY Wood Box for Firewood Storage

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