A Farm Girl’s Guide to Pantry to Table Cocktails recipe book allows you to create infused homemade alcohol and liqueurs to enjoy throughout the year.

Over the years, in addition to preserving our garden’s bounty for our pantry-to-table meals, I also took some time to fill the pantry with infused alcohol and homemade liqueurs, which will serve multiple purposes. These items may be used as a bartering tool, a great last-minute gift, or enjoyed as a cocktail by the wood stove.

I encourage you to learn how to transform the homemade liqueurs and infused alcohol you spent the year creating into several easy and delicious cocktails to enjoy. Just to let you know, if an adult beverage is not to your liking, the items below can be used for bartering or trade.

Prior to beginning, make sure to grab recipes for the main ingredient from my website:

Grab your copy of A Farm Girl’s Guide to Pantry to Table Cocktails today!

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