Natural Face Serum – How to make your own and leave the chemicals behind

Living a natural lifestyle is easy, only if you chose make to make the conscious effort to live this way.  Once you’ve learned what’s needed to make the change, the little things like making this 100% all natural face serum will become second nature.  I promise, this DIY face serum recipe will stop you from buying chemical facial moisturizers.  Not to mention, it will do a better job caring for your face! 

Slowly, but surely, as a homesteading family we’ve begun making the necessary changes to leave store products behind.  What’s allowed us to get to this point was confidence.  Period, that’s it.  Confidence, because we were ready for the change.

Simple little steps such as eliminating dryer sheets, changing our personal hygiene products and making our own dish soap, cleaners and room fresheners became easy.

Instead of aerosol smell good sprays we opt to make natural reed diffusers  and pinecone potpourri to naturally scent our home.

Back to the face serum!  Growing up I was never one to take care of my face.  Shocking, I know.  

I washed my face with bath soap (still do) and never used sunscreen (I’ve since learned how to make my own).  Apply moisturizer as a early teen?  Umm, that never happened.  Wearing sunglasses was determined on whether I could find a pair (now it’s a must).  I really can’t say that taking care of my skin was ever my first priority, and I’ve since taught my children to take a different path!

Why Make Your Own

Now that I am creeping close to 50 (not quite there yet) I began noticing that things need to be, well, softened a bit.  Alright, my face is beginning to age and I want (need) to take care of it.

Once my over the counter face lotion ran out I jumped in and made a toxic free face serum.  There was no way I was going to continue putting product I couldn’t pronounce onto my face again.  Over a short time people started to see the change in my skin.

Let’s say it this way, when your husband comments on how good your skin is looking and that you look younger, TAKE IT!  

Now, when a few friends, whom you haven’t seen for a bit, tell you the exact same thing you know you’ve nailed the perfect natural face serum!

How to make your own face serum is extremely easy and will take only minutes to put together.  I’m gonna also promise you it will cost a LOT less than the best moisturizer on the market.  

The face serum is applied twice a day after you’ve washed your face, and how much to apply will depend on how your skin is feeling 

I won’t lie, it took about 2 months before I, and others, began to notice a difference, so don’t expect immediate gratification!

how to make your own natural face serum

Selecting a Carrier Oil

This serum is made with essential oils, which we use love and use daily, and the carrier oil I chose to use is Fractioned coconut oil (FCO).  Other oil, such  as Aragon and Jojoba are good to use, but I like FCO because it absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving it feeling greasy.

Let’s be honest, I tend to rush in the morning and my face serum needs to absorb quickly in order for me to apply my make-up befor work!  

Essential Oil Blend

The essential oils I selected for this natural face serum are high quality oils which are third party tested for purity prior to reaching your hands.

Does that matter?  I’m going to say, most definitely!  This face serum is being applied topically to your face, which is the most sensitive and delicate area on your body – make sure to select a good essential oil.  It will make a difference in the outcome.

  • Geranium essential oil
  • Frankincense essential oil
  • Myrrh essential oil
  • Lavender essential oil 

Frankincense and Myrrh (along with Geranium and Lavender) are excellent in helping to maintain a youthful appearance, each work towards reducing some unwanted (though well deserved) lines.  These essential oils also work to reduce that puffy look we all tend to get every now and then.  

Yes, you know what puffy look I’m talking about….that early morning – I’m a homesteading woman that woke at the crack of dawn and I’m not even awake – look.  

Geranium oil works great against the mini volcanoes that could erupt at any minute on your face, and for that very reason I opted to not use Melaneuca (tea tree oil).

While Lavender can help to soften war wounds left behind from those mini volcanoes.  It can even soften the marks left behind by the wild blackberry cane that jumped into your path as you were clearing the lower lot.  Yes, have lot’s of reasons to use Lavender EO around here!

Remember, if you have sensitive skin reduce the essential oil quantity by half to prevent skin irritation, even more if you have extremely sensitive skin.

How to make your own natural face serum
I will be 46 this year, but feel no older than 30. It’s time I allowed my skin to feel the same way.

How Much to Apply

I like to use an amber 4 oz glass eye dropper bottle to store this DIY recipe.  Mainly because it is easy to dispense and I like to know how many drops I’m applying.   Make sure to give the bottle a gentle swirl before each application, mixing the essential oils and carrier.

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Natural Face Serum

This DIY recipe for a natural face serum will leave your skin looking fresh and youthful, even after years of abusing it! Leave the over the counter chemical and preservative items at the store, your face will thank you for making the change.
Author: A Farm Girl In The Making


  • Frankincense Essential Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Myrrh Essential Oil
  • Geranium Essential Oil
  • Fractioned Coconut Oil or Aragon Oil, Jojoba Oil
  • Amber 4 oz Glass Eye Dropper Bottle


  • 25 drops of Frankincense EO
  • 25 drops of Lavender EO
  • 15-20 drops of Myrrh EO
  • 15-20 drops of Geranium EO (if you do not like the smell of this EO keep drops to 15)
  • Fill 4 oz eye dropper with the carrier oil of your choice
  • Apply 5-10 drops after you have wash and/or exfoliated your face
  • If you have sensitive skin reduce the drops of essential oils to half of the amount suggested


If you're looking for a great essential oil brand to use, I suggest choosing and partnering with me with the brand we use for all the needs around our homestead. You can reach me directly at [email protected] on how to begin incorporating essential oils for your, your family and around your home or homestead. ~ Ann
Feel good about the choices you make for you, your family and your homestead.  If you’re willing to make the change to create a chemical free home, you should really invest in yourself first. 

Come join me in this journey, I’d love to mentor you through incorporating essential oils into your life.


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  1. Shannon F says

    Grapeseed oil works great too, it has natural anit-aging properties to start with. I use just grapeseed and very time I buy wine I have to have my I’d ready. I’m 35…

    • Ann Accetta-Scott says

      There is no set ratio. Everything will depend on the dilution percentage based on age, skin type, and skin sensitivity. For example, I use a 10% dilution consisting of 36 EO drops and 2 tbsp carrier oil. How much of each oil is up to you and what you have on stock.

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