15 household uses for colloidal silver

Colloidal Silver uses in the Home

Colloidal silver is an excellent natural item to us in the home. This chemical free alternative can also be used in the garden and to preserve food. 15 household uses for colloidal silver

If you haven’t made the switch to leave chemical cleaners let me encourage you to do so. One should not have to worrying about what is being left behind from the cleaners being used, or what chemicals may be on your hands, and you sure shouldn’t have to hold your breath as you apply glass cleaner, mold killer, oven cleaner, or bathroom cleaner!

All of the cleaning products we use are made from natural items such as colloidal silver (CS), essential oils and a few other chemical free items.  However, quick cleaning with CS provides the same benefits as a deep clean would. Simply spray down the space and give it a quick wipe, there is really nothing to it!

What is Colloidal Silver?

Since CS is know to contain antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral qualities it’s the prime choice for a natural cleaning solution.  For those of you who are wondering what colloidal silver is, let me break it down for you.  CS is made of microscopic and submicroscopic silver particles suspended in water, and the process of making it is extremely easy.  Silver rods, 99.9% silver, are placed into distilled water and a generator is used to charge the silver, causing the particle to become suspended in the water creating what is commonly known as Silver Water.

The use of silver is also used to control the growth of bacteria and fungus while also minimizing food spoilage.  CS can also kill and prevent the growth of algae, and when added to dish of bacteria, fungal or viral cells, the cells die quickly, which is why this makes an ideal cleaning item for the home.

15 household uses for Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver can be purchased at many health food centers or supplement stores, but it’s going to cost you a pretty penny. Using CS on a daily basis as a cleaning product or to address various health issues, it’s best to learn to brew your own.  When we first started with colloidal silver we made the decision to purchased a very simple, medium priced kit, which in truth worked as well as an expensive kit.  However, building a generator for brewing purpose is easy to do.

Keep in mind, once brewed colloidal silver should be stored in a dark glass bottle, and for cleaning purposes these glass spray bottles are great for the job.  Remember to store the bottle in a cool,dark location after each use.

Colloidal silver uses Around the Home

  • Clean garbage cans and diaper pails to prevent decaying orders and mold
  • Sanitize sponges, toilet brushes and toilet plungers
  • Mop the floor ~ I reserve this to bathrooms and kitchen
  • Bathroom cleaner ~ sink, tub and toilet (keep a spray bottle handy for spot cleaning)
  • Clean doorknobs, wipe down remotes, phones, head phones, glasses ~ any surface which is touched often
  • Prevent and clean moldy surfaces
  • Sanitize cutting boards, kitchen counters and dish sponge to prevent E. coli and salmonella bacteria
  • Toothbrushes, sonic toothbrushes, water pic and dentures can be soaked to sterilize them
  • Laundry, bedding, kitchen towels washed with 1 cup of colloidal silver will kill many living bacteria
  • Homemade Cleaners ~ add a few ounces to homemade cleaners
  • Spraying children’s toys daily will decrease the spread of germs

15 household uses for colloidal silver


Adding a small amount of colloidal silver to foods can help prevent curding, spoiling, fermenting as they are being stored. Not to mention, CS slows the growth of mold from fresh food items.

Generally, 1 tablespoon per quart is efficient in slowing spoilage in foods. More can be used though it may alter the flavor of the item.

  • Canning, Preserving or Bottling Purpose
  • Milk, juice, jams, jellies, condiment containers and leftovers. One ounce per gallon for items such as milk and juices
  • Fruits and Vegetables ~ spraying items with CS will help delay mold growth allowing fruits and vegetables to keep fresh longer

The Garden

  • Prevention of Blight, Root Rot and Mold ~ CS contains anti-fungal qualities and should be sprayed upon first sighs of infection
  • Hydroponic Gardening ~ adding colloidal silver to the tank prevents excessive growth of algae


On the contrary to what some may believe, there is no deny the benefits of incorporating colloidal silver onto the homestead. In addition to what is listed here, colloidal silver can be used as a carrier when creating DIY home cleaning products that containing essential oils.

15 household uses for colloidal silver

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  1. Awesome article! I am a Norwex consultant and our microfiber cloths are embedded with silver. I am going to reference your website article when talking about how our cloths inhibit the growth and spread of bacteria as they dry…it’s all about the silver!!! Cleaning with no chemicals for the past few years has been awesome for our home, barn, chicken coop and more! Thanks for sharing!

  2. A medical condition called Argyria causes the skin to turn blue – face, hand, sometimes the entire body. There is a direct link to colloidal silver and medical experts recommend that you do not use it. When I was a child, my family had a woman friend who had the condition and her whole body was blue. Please do research before you try using this. That woman led a very sheltered life because of her condition.

    1. Thank you for the message, but we’ve done quite a bit of research prior to incorporating Colloidal Silver to our homestead.

        1. I create a salve with the particles, saving them in a glass jar until I have enough.

    2. Theis shaming when one consumes so much CS that the skin turns blue. This women did herself a disservice. Her organs could not discharge the silver as fast as she consumed it, and , in what particle size. there is Colloidal Silver in many varieties. PLEASE, if you like to inform people, share not simply “hear say” and anectodal, but scientific information as well.

      1. Hi Ann,
        I love your blog!
        When you say full strength, how many ppm does that mean?
        Im trying to figure out how much I need to use to be effective in a cistern of 100,000 liters of water!
        Thanks so much!

        1. PPM are different based on the generator and brewing time. Roughly 5 hours of brewing without a starter will give 55 to 60 ppm.

    1. Brewing your own colloidal silver is extremely easy to do, and the necessary items to do so can easily be purchased online.

  3. I was so pleased to find your article about naturally treating bumble foot. I didn’t find it immediately when I was beginning to treat my duck and felt I was stumbling about in the dark given that most websites say to contact a veterinarian to deal with it. I am an at home herbalist and didn’t want the expense or potential pharmaceuticals of the medical establishment. Therefore, when I asked the question again, a different way, I was led to your website and article. Thank you so much for sharing your discoveries as well all bumble about trying to find our way back to natural…

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