Switch to Wool Dryer Balls | a Nontoxic Dryer Sheet Alternative

Make the switch to wool dryer balls for drying clothes. Wool laundry balls are a nontoxic dryer sheet alternative and a 100% chemical free product.

Switch to Wool Dryer Balls

The decision to live healthier means evaluating every aspect on how you are currently living. This healthier, chemical free lifestyle begins with the foods you consume. However, it does not stop there.

It is vital to also take a look at the cleaning supplies being used, beginning with the items for washing clothes and bedding. And for some, letting go of cleaning and laundry supplies which have been used, for what seems to be, a lifetime can be difficult.

Making the switch to live a simple, chemical free lifestyle takes work. And for some it is an adjustment. Many natural cleaners (to ensure they truly are chemical free) are homemade.

Making my own glass cleaner, bathroom and hardwood floor cleaner, candles, and homemade laundry soap was easy. It was breaking away from dryer sheets which was difficult for me.

Even with the drastic change in becoming a nontoxic household two of our children continue to suffer from skin irritation. So, the dryer sheets had to go.

The laundry routine required a complete overhaul. So be it. Homemade laundry soap and line drying clothes on my DIY clothesline became the new normal. During the winter months we resort to utilizing the dryer, however, with a dryer sheet alternative. Wool dryer balls.

Dryer Sheet Alternative

The biggest complaint about eliminating dryer sheets is static cling on clothing. Also, many associate clean clothes with smelling nice.

However, achieving static free clothing which smells nice can be achieved without dryer sheets. Wool dryer balls make an excellent dryer sheet alternative.

Wool laundry balls not only work to reduce static cling, they also soften the laundry by bouncing around in the dryer. Now, there is some minor static clinging which seems to occur, however, wool dryer balls do one heck of a job keeping it down. 

Adding a Natural Fragrance

During the summer months we only dry our clothes on the clothesline. The items exit the line smell fresh and, well, summery. It is during the winter months when I like to add a natural fragrance.

Two to three drops of your favorite essential oil into the wash cycle leaves clothing smelling wonderful. Also, feel free to add a few drops to the wool laundry balls prior to adding them to the dryer.

Make your own Dryer Balls

When you decide to switch to wool dryer balls try your hand at making them. With a little practice you will have your own crafted wool laundry balls to use!

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  1. Years ago I met an old woman from Romania. She survived WW2. In our cold climate we have a lot of sheep skins with the fur still on for siting on our chairs and couches. I still do to this day and in winter we will place them in our bed for warmth and help the circulation of our skin. To clean & freshen them we would fill a large bowl of water and put in essential oils and soak hand towels in this. Wring them out and place the sheep skins and towel into the dryer on a low heat setting. This could also be done with wash clothes for other dryer loads of clothing. This was done before dryer sheets ever came out on the market.

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