Wool Dryer Balls – The Nontoxic Alternative to Dryer Sheets

wool dryer balls

When you finally make the decide to live a chemical free life, you find that letting go of toxic cleaning products can be quite easy, but there’s always that one item that didn’t make it to the garbage with the others. 

Prime example, I had a heck of a time letting go of dryer sheets.  I know, shocking!  If you must know why, let me fill you in on the obvious ~ I dislike static cling and I loved the mountain fresh scent that those darned fabric sheets gave off.  That’s it, there’s really no other reason.  I knew that they needed to go, but for years I just couldn’t do it.  Once I had made up my mind that I wasn’t going to buy another 200 sheets of poison, my search began for an alternative option to combating static cling and I quickly discovered wool dryer balls – the nontoxic alternative to dryer sheets.

Actually, there are a few choices on how to eliminate static cling during the drying process, but I found an option that would leave a please scent on our clothes.  I’m going to be honest here….I want, need, clothing to come out of the dryer smelling amazing!  There I said it.  I like things that smell good.

In order to received my much desired smell good clothing I went with wool dryer balls.  When I received them I instantly began to wonder why the heck I waited so long to get them?! 

The dryer balls not only work to reduce static cling, they also soften the laundry.  Now there is some minor static left on your clothes if you use the dryer balls, but if you want a chemical free option they do a heck of a fine job keeping it down.  You can scent the wool balls by adding a drop or two of your favorite essential oil to each one.  Yes, I was beyond happy with my choice in getting them.

For those that know me know my EO choice for our laundry is Purify by doTERRA.  It’s a blend of Lemon, Lime, Pine EOs, with a bit of Citronella, Melaleuca and Cilantro.  But again, I can change the type of EO I use based on my mood.  Yes, this is a good thing!

wool dryer balls

During the summer months we only line dry our clothes, and since we do not use fabric softener in our wash, I will add 2-3 drops of essential oil to our wash cycle, generally it’s Purify.  I find that it helps to eliminate unwanted man and kid smell.  But if there’s a strong blue color working man smell that I don’t think my EOs will get rid of I’ll add a cup of white vinegar to the wash instead.  And boy, let me tell you, that does the job.  It doesn’t make it smell pretty, but it does work to get rid of extremely tough smells!

If you’re unable to make our own wool dryer balls I’m going to suggest a small business that we found and stand behind, Wooly Doodles.  Judy spins her own fiber and the items you find on her Etsy shop are amazing and made with much love.  AND if you place an order between November 1-5, 2016 you will receive 10% off your total purchase, use the code Farmgirl10

If you’re seeing this after the promo’s time frame, let me assure you that her product is indeed amazing and we definitely stand behind her and her product.  Go check her out!

Are you interested in joining me and learning more about doTERRA EOs? Email me, let’s set up a time where we can chat about how they have impacted my homestead and how essential oils can impact yours as well!


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  1. Years ago I met an old woman from Romania. She survived WW2. In our cold climate we have a lot of sheep skins with the fur still on for siting on our chairs and couches. I still do to this day and in winter we will place them in our bed for warmth and help the circulation of our skin. To clean & freshen them we would fill a large bowl of water and put in essential oils and soak hand towels in this. Wring them out and place the sheep skins and towel into the dryer on a low heat setting. This could also be done with wash clothes for other dryer loads of clothing. This was done before dryer sheets ever came out on the market.


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