Exploring Restoration Shops Of Seattle


We love an adventure and this time it took us to exploring restoration shops of Seattle.  The opportunity to enter a shop that sells items from torn down homes and building of years long gone does something to the soul and the imagination.

When entering the shop you instantly leave the modern world behind and step back into history, and if you are much like I am, you are able to visualize each items in its original home, in its full glory, shiny and new.  The walls are no longer there, but the pieces that held the home together are still around and now entice crafters, artists, and everyday people looking to add these items to their home – people like us.

We came across colored sinks which would be amazing in a whimsical garden, or as a chicken waterer…yep, that would be something I would do!


What farmhouse does not desire a claw foot bathtub in perfect working condition?  Even if its not perfect a bit of restoration will bring it back to its original glory.


Oh, wait!  Is the claw foot tub is missing a foot or two?  Worry no more, the feet are not to far away!


Beautiful antique radiators can be converted into side tables or night stands with a simple piece of glass on top. 


As homesteaders we are always in use of corrugated aluminum, but these were meant for individuals look for a design purpose and cost as much as a new piece.  Sadly these were left behind.


Reclaimed wood, ohhhh how I love it!  This is beach wood, which we may use to design a small wall, but you would be able to find barn wood, cedar, old fencing material, you name it they have it!


Windows and doors of every size and style.  Granted they aren’t energy efficient, but used in a barn or coop would bring it so much character.



Miscellaneous decorative pieces can be used anywhere you wish.


And the plethora of hand crafted crown molding screams TAKE ME HOME!  Now this is true craftsmanship. 


The hardware is amazing with every design imaginable.

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*sigh* this cabinet stole my heart, but the price tag was a bit to high to come home with us!


The art of stain glass is no longer appreciated in this modern day world, but those of us who appreciate it understand the work and art that shines from it.


We visited 3 shops this past weekend and brought home two treasure, these amazing air registers.


We actually have no use for them, but they were so original and stunning that we will be using them as a faux piece in our little farmhouse.  We like to think that we are saving a piece of history while giving our little home character.


If you are ever in the Seattle area and get the opportunity to explore a restoration shop we would suggest you head to Earthwise, Second Use, and Ballard Used in Seattle.  The ability to save a piece of history while creating a great conversation piece for everyone that enters your home is priceless!





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