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There are few things we value more than small businesses and we are truly greatful that we are in a position to help feature them and the work they do.  With that said we’d like to take the opportunity to introduce you to the sign maker and his homestead – world, meet Nic and Sharon, they are the creative owners of Grizzly Custom Steel which is located in a small village near the mountains of Montana.

A custom made piece for our small homestead
A custom made piece for our small homestead

This is a story of an American dream, a veteran who worked two jobs in order to launch his small business, with hopes to one day own his own land and live a self sustaining life.

Nic was born and raised in Montana and is a true mountain boy at heart!  He spent some time in the US Air Force, then joined the Air National Guard where he worked as a jet engine mechanic.  But before we go any further, we want to thank you, Nic, for your service and dedication to this great country, you are truly appreciated!

Much like any team the husband and wife duo split the responsibilities of their business – Nic does all of the cutting and Sharon takes care of the backend.  When they first launched Grizzly Custom Steel Nic worked full time in the Air National Guard AND committed to drill one weekend a month, but his desire to achieve their dream had him working until midnight or later on most nights, making for one exhausted homesteader.  Within a year their hard work paid off and they made the move from Arizona back to Montana.

They are currently renting their homestead and have made a home with their 4 dogs and 5 hens, hoping one day to add goats….I personally am hoping that they will also consider adding ducks, cause you know no homestead is complete without ducks around!


They are seeking a self sustaining lifestyle by growing their own food,  and one day hope to utilize hunting and fishing as their primary meat source.


The pride that they have in homesteading and their business shows in the craftsmanship of his is work, and some (my farm guy and I) would considered their work to be an heirloom piece.  We are thrilled with the sign we received from them; no matter where we are in our lives we will always remember this point and now have a piece of art to remind us of this!

custom sign
custom sign

Whether you are looking for a sign for your business, homestead, farm, or garden this is the small business you should visit.  They are a hard working American homesteading family, who dedicated a part of their life in serving this country….they deserve your business!  I am sure the sign maker feels the same way.



Their work can be found on both Facebook and Instagram, and all custom orders can be placed on their website!


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