Preserving Foods Question and Answer| EP 3

Gathering sound information on how to properly preserving food at home is overwhelming to many. In truth, those who preserve food at home never stop learning.

The key is to find the balance between traditional methods to scientific ones is the ability to understand the science behind preserving food. Then, and only then, can one make a sound decision on how to to move forward with preserving food at home.

I asked our followers to bring forth their questions about preserving food at home. This Q & A podcast answered both, commonly asked questions as well as deeper questions from seasoned food preservers.

This particular podcast partners with my book, The Farm Girl’s Guide to Preserving the Harvest. Learn food ownership through:

  • canning – steam, boiling water bath, pressure canning
  • drying – dehydrating, air drying, and many other methods
  • fermenting – rediscover this lost art for preserving foods
  • curing – properly store meat and fish through smoking and salting
  • freezing – properly prepare food for the freezer and the importance of a freeze dryer
  • root cellar and cold storage – discover how to properly store fresh fruits and vegetables long-term

The podcast can be listened to here: EPISODE 3 | Home Food Preservation for the Modern Homesteader

Are you interested in participating in the next Q & A? Go ahead and leave your questions in the comment!

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