Canning Corned Beef

How to Safely Can Corned Beef

Canning corned beef, or any type of meat, serves many purposes.  Emergency food storage, healthier food options, it’s also excellent for the time when you’re just to tired to ‘mom’ and cooking is not an option. 

Corned beef is a family favorite of ours, which means there are always a few jars in the pantry.  When Justin is working out of town it’s one of the first jars he grabs to take with him.  There’s only so much fast food one’s gut can take.

If you’re looking for an instant meal add root vegetables to the jars prior to canning.  Or can the corned beef with a few simple spices and add vegetables, like carrots, as you’re preparing dinner.  Either way, it’s delicious and there will be no regret in your decision to can it.

canning corned beef

Regardless of how you decide to preserve corned beef your family will absolutely love the flavor.  It’s tender, moist, lick the plate clean and ask for seconds kinda meal.  No joke.

Preparing the Corned Beef

It’s important to follow the canning instructions found in the manual of your pressure canner.  The manual will guide you in preparing your meat item and in no way should you stray from the instructions. 

With that said, let’s begin!

  • Start by removing as much of the fat as possible.  Don’t fret, if a small amount remains it will add flavor through the pressure canning process. 
  • Next, cut the meat into 1 inch pieces.  Anything larger will not guarantee that the steam has penetrated to fully cook the meat and kill all forms of bacteria in the jar.

canning corned beef

Packing the Jars

Learn the language of canning.  If you are new to canning I suggest visiting, and bookmark, The National Center for Home Food Preservation‘s website.  This is going to be your go to site with any questions that may arise, and there will be questions.

We prefer to raw pack all of our meat and fish items.  Raw packing refers to fill jars with raw food items verses partially or fully cooked.  Moving on!

  • Add a 1/4 of a teaspoon of seasoning to the bottom of jars. We like to use a mixture of mustard seed, whole all spice, coriander seeds, whole cloves and crushed bay leaves
  • Pack jars with corned beef, and root vegetable if you chose, leaving a 1 inch headspace
  • Add 1/4 cup of water to each jar
  • Using white vinegar or vodka clean the rims of each jar
  • Add warm lids and rings
  • Follow the instructions in the manual for the correct pounds per pressure and canning time

canning corned beef

Make sure to allow the pressure canner to release the steam naturally prior to opening and removing the jars of deliciousness.

Allow the jars sit to completely cool for a few hours prior to checking the lids to ensure each has sealed.  If there is flexing in the center of the lid  the jar has not sealed and should be placed into the refrigerator to be consumed within a few days.

canning corned beef

We are extremely thankful that we are able to preserve meat to be consumed at a later date.  No power outage, financial hardship or lazy mom moments will prevent us from eat well.  Enjoy it friends!

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  1. Cornered beef. You say you prefer to pack raw meat and the pictures look raw. Your directions say to pack the corned beef into the jar.
    Do I corn my beef first or does your canning processes do the corning?
    If I use corned beef why do you add spices?

  2. I am planning a Sous Vide corned beef from brisket. Canning is the preferred storage.
    Does the canning processes make it to mushy?


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