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Homestead Living | A Journey to Sustainability | EPISODE 1

Homestead living leads to creating a sustainable life. Join my homesteading family as we work to achieve goal on two acres in the mountains. This homestead life has been document to encourage others along the journey. Come along and join us!

homestead living

Homestead Living

This particular podcast covers the last 6 1/2 years of our lives. We are the family who left the suburbs and everything we know to try something different. Little did we know, different was not so bad.

I have decided to share the last 6 1/2 years with you in a podcast. Take a listen to our very first episode of the Simple Homesteading Life podcast. Our journey is one to be proud of, and one I hope encourages others.

Learn about the struggles, the dreams, and the drive to owning our food source. Discover how an inexperienced home food preserver came to write a book on preserving foods.

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See for yourself why The Farm Girl’s Guide to Preserving the Harvest speaks encouragement to those new and seasoned to preserving foods. The book provides updated information while touching on the traditional values. Not to mention, The Farm Girl’s guide teaches new skills to those who own it.

Living a Homesteading Life | Episode 1 PODCAST

Each year brings forth new adventures, disappointments, and challenges. Yet, here we stand, excited for more!

There’s no end to the education we seek in order to live this life. Along the way I have been able to share with others. I consider this to be a fair trade.

The homesteading community freely shares knowledge with each other. There’s no selfishness of hoarding information. Amen to that.

homesteading family

The Homesteading Family

With a blended family of mine, yours, and ours, we instinctively knew our older generation of 5 would not understand the life we chose. We often see the question as to why one would choose to live this way in their eyes.

The was once hope that the younger two children would grasp the life we opted to give them. In truth, I wish I could say they did, but alas, they did not.

They understand the importance of why we chose to homestead. However, they wish to not partake in the journey. This doesn’t stop them from participating in daily activities and chores. It simply means this lifestyle is not something they wish to continue with as adults.

However, there is still hope with our youngest, Lola. My gut tells me she will more than likely homestead to some degree or another.

One day each of my children will look back at this time and have stories to tell. With luck, one of them may take a small part of our life and incorporate it into their own.

There are a few certainties which I know they will walk away with. Stories of our weekly Sunday brunch. Feasting from the garden. Home raised meat. And the joys of preserving the harvest.

My daughters and granddaughter will remember that being a modern homesteading homemaker is nothing to be shameful of. They see the work which goes into living this life, and deep down, I think they get it.

Justin and I will leave behind memories they will not get elsewhere. These memories will be shared with their children, and that is truly all that matters.

Simple Homesteading Life PODCAST

I hope the podcast sheds light on who we are as a homesteading family. But more importantly I hope it encourages you to continue pushing forward with your own journey.

If you’re inclined, once the podcast has ended, hit subscribe. There’s much to share, and if you have time I have the resources and stories to get you through this homestead life!

homestead living

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