Gift Wrapping Using Recycled Paper


One definition of a homesteader is an individual who reuse and recycle as often as they can, creating little to no waste.  What better way to execute this lifestyle than gift wrapping using recycled paper?

There are three items that make gift wrapping easy, and usually these are items that you have in your home; newspaper, grocery or store ads, and brown bags from the grocers.  Normally we use these items to start a fire, but during the holiday season I like to save them for this very reason.




When using brown paper bags we cut them open and flatten them out measuring the amount we will need for the project.  We are giving our farm fresh eggs as gifts for my co-workers, so our pieces do not have to be very large.


The ribbon and gift tags we use are clearance from the end of the season sales, costing us normally no more than $1.00 for 23 feet for the ribbon


and about $1.00 for 20 gift tags.


We love to garnish gifts with greenery in season, lavender & rosemary are my favorite items to use during the summer months.  For the Christmas season we like to use fir twigs, in this case we used the limbs cut off from our Christmas tree.


It is easy as that, a traditional and simple method of gift wrapping; quite classic and pretty, costing about $0.25!



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