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Canning bourbon peaches creates a flavor like no other. The ability to preserve fruit using alcohol and sugar creates an adult fruit cocktail in a jar. There is no better way to can sliced peaches than with bourbon.

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My all time favorite fruit to put up, hands down, would be peaches. August cannot come fast enough for the adults on our homestead, making canning bourbon peaches high on the priority list. Preserving with alcohol has been around for quite some time, and in truth, it needs to make a strong comeback. There is no need to purchase premium alcohol for canning purposes. An inexpressive jar of anything will do. Remember, once heated the alcohol looses it’s proof and all that’s left is the flavor.

In keeping with all things peaches, how about slow cooker peach butter? It’s sinfully delicious, too!

Canning Bourbon Peaches

The process is extremely simple and bourbon peaches should only be canned if:

  1. If you love peaches
  2. If bourbon is your thing

Then, and only then, is this recipe for you. But who doesn’t like bourbon? There is someone out there that does. Gift this amazing recipe to them!

preserving with alcohol

Easy Tip to Removing the Skins

With that said, let’s begin!  After washing the peaches, gently place an X on the blossom end.  This will allow the skin to peel much easier.

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Place peaches gently in boiling water and blanch for roughly 20 to 40 seconds.

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Remove the peaches using a slotted spoon, immediately submerging peaches into ice water. This stop the cooking process.

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The skins should easily peel at this point. However, if not blanch the peaches once again for an additional 10 seconds. Take care to not cook them.

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Reserve the Skins

Create a peach powder by dehydrating and grinding the skins to a powder. Adding a small teaspoon to oatmeal or even cake batter creates a delicious peach flavor. If time is an issue freeze peach skins to dehydrate at a later date.

preserving with alcohol

Create the Simple Syrup

For this recipe, due to the bourbon, creating a heavy simple syrup provides a better flavor. However, either a light or medium simple syrup will work as well.

  • Heavy Simple Syrup – 1:1 (water to organic granulated sugar)
  • Medium Simple Syrup – 2:1 (water to organic granulated sugar)
  • Light Simple Syrup – 3:1 (water to organic granulated sugar)

preserving with alcohol

Steam Canner | How to Use One Confidently

Fill the Jars

Slice peaches to 1/2-inch thick. The peaches will hold up well sliced at this thickness. However, when preparing peaches for pie filling make cuts 1-inch thick.

  1. Fill hot jars with peaches leaving a 1-inch headspace from the top of jar.
  2. Add simple syrup, leaving a 1 1/2-inch headspace from the top of jar.
  3. With the bourbon, fill in the difference, making sure to leave a 1-inches from the top of the jar.
  4. Remove air bubbles and wipe the top of jars with a damp clean cloth.
  5. Add warmed lids and tighten rings finger tight.
  6. Place filled jars into a steam or hot water bath canner.
  7. Process canned bourbon peaches for 20 minutes – pint size Mason jars.
  8. Remove jars from canner and allow the jars to rest for 12 hours. Place any jars which have not sealed into the refrigerator and use first.

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Serve it Up!

Aside from topping vanilla bean ice-cream with this bourbon peach recipe, which by the way is my favorite, add it to cakes and pastries. This can be added as a side or ingredient. However, there is absolutely no shame in eating them directly from the jar. None. At. All. This is what makes preserving with alcohol so very worth it!





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  1. Danielle says

    What is your peach peel powder recipe? I tried finding one on Pinterest and Google, but no such luck! Thanks!

    • Ann Accetta-Scott says

      It’s quite simple, once you have blanched and peeled your peaches for canning, dehydrate the peels. Once they have been completely dried ground into a powder. The method is very similar to how to dry tomato peels, which can be found here on our website. Enjoy it!

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