The Organic Gardening Bible

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This beautifully illustrated book introduces organic gardening principles, techniques, and pest controls for the cultivation of flowers, herbs, vegetables, and fruits in a chemical-free environment. An inspirational guide for an ecologically sound garden, The Organic Gardening Bible helps the gardener avoid many common problems of pests and diseases with simple, effective, organic strategies. Preaching that it is better to work with nature than against it, the book also imparts the art and skill of planning your garden to look beautiful and run efficiently throughout the year. 

In addition to discussing chemical-free pest and disease control, Flowerdew also reinforces some garden basics, such as how to tend plants for maximum yield, and how to extend the growing season through the use of coldframes, greenhouses, and conservatories. A chapter on harvesting, storing, cooking, and sharing your bounty provides easy and effective ways to spread the enjoyment of your bountiful produce throughout the year; an easy and accessible yearly calendar details a month-by-month roundup of what to do when.