Homesteading With Firearms

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Homesteading with firearms may not be for everyone and it’s a very hot topic for all.  Two years ago I received communication that shots were fired at my daughter’s high school and a security lock down was executed – there were many questions asked from followers in regards to how we felt about this.  Here’s a recap of the day, and how we feel about firearms.

Two years ago my daughter’s high school went to full lock down.  Allegedly shots were fired and the entire building went to security measures locking the door to the classrooms at 7:43am – blackout curtains were drawn and the students were lined up against a far wall away from the door.  It was not a drill and my heart immediately sank.

WA state’s policy requires that all cell phones should be immediately turned off during a lock down, and no communication can be had with the outside world; no phone calls or texts to family members informing them that they are ok.

I received a text at 7:45 am from my daughter of what was occurring. She was very calm and had notified me that she was ok and safe. We kept in constant contact through the lockdown via text, where I found that she was actually keeping me calm throughout the ordeal.

After 5 hours of being in lock down, each classroom received a police escorted out of the building and then released to go home, but first each individual’s bag was searched to see if it contained a firearm.  I had to tell my conservative daughter to swallow her pride and let them search her bag; of course she was not a happy camper to have to declare her innocence from that day’s event.

I am proud to say that my daughter remained calm throughout that ordeal, which was far better than how I was handling it!

That particular day has made me stop and look at our family and the world we live in. We live in a world of fear. If it’s not from the fear our food source, it’s fear of our government, if it not from the fear of our government it’s the fear of worldly events, if it’s not from the fear of worldly events then it’s the fear of guns and gun control.  The fear never seems to end.

We are gun owners.  We are responsible gun owners.  My husband has taught us (myself and our children) how to shoot and to be great shots.  He has taught us gun safety and how to defend ourselves; we know that we have this right.  But more importantly, we should never be afraid to own this right.  Aside from all his teachings, we also take classes at our local gun range.

I look back on that day and often think about the school shooting that have occurred in the past 2 years, and realize the fear of guns is a legitimate fear.  But what generates this fear?  Could it possibly be that 1. Individuals do not know much about guns 2. Not being taught how to safely use and handle them 3. A true gun owner knows that guns are meant to defend and protect.

Don’t get me wrong, guns do land in the wrong hands.  There is not one thing that can prevent this, no law or government can control it, crimes and murders still occur regardless if guns are controlled or not.  In talking to my daughter about that day she stated that she doesn’t fear gun, she fears people who fear guns.  This coming from a young adult who experienced something not many never experience.

I have been asked how I would feel if my daughter were to have been injured or killed that day, would I demand stricter gun laws to protect my other children who attend school? And I can honestly answer, NO.  I can’t fix an unstable individual nor can I stop someone from purchasing a gun on the blackmarket.  I can’t blame a gun for hurting or killing an individual, I can only hold the individual’s mental state responsible.

We will continue to teach our family the safe way to handle guns, to defend themselves, and to always protect and serve the people who need help.  Of course it will not be thorough running around town with guns blazing, but through the process of educating.  We can do this because we are responsible gun owners.


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  1. I love this. Thank you for sharing. We too teach our children how to shoot, for both personal safety and hunting. We have several wolf packs in our area and knowing how to defend yourself and our livestock is incredibly important. Both my husband and I have our concealed carry. It’s a hot topic for sure, but when shtw, I think I’ll want my firearm on my hip.

  2. Great post Ann. I had no idea your daughter was involved in something like this. What a strong little lady. We own guns. I know how to shoot them and where we keep them. I wouldn’t hesitate to use one if a predator or another human being was threatening our animals or family. As you know, most homesteaders/farmers do own firearms to protect what is theirs and the things they have worked hard to raise. Sadly, in the current state of the country, I fear that people stealing livestock, equipment and crops will be more commonplace. Your daughter learned what guns can do in the hands of the wrong person. Knowing how to handle firearms and protect herself will ensure that she will never be the victim if she can help it. And that’s a good lesson to learn. Because this world is full of bullies, and tyrants, and people who are determined to do harm – and you’re right no law will ever stop them. It will just make it harder for good people to do their part to stop them.

    All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men (or women) to do nothing.

    1. Thanks Lisa, and I completely agree with what you stated. Lately I have been missing a few of our birds while we have been gone. We have chalked it off to predators….but now we are beginning to wonder.

  3. thank you for your post. I too have a CCP and carry whenever legally possible. I have had marksmanship training and certification as well as my first husband was a former cop and later worked for Homeland Security. We live in a very rural area, in a town so small that we don’t have a police department, and must rely on the County Sherriff whose office is at least 45 minutes away. I think that often school shootings revolve around either mental illness, not addressed, and or bullying. How many of the teens that have been bullied come to school and shoot the place up? As someone who was bullied, not just in school but even now as an adult, I can attest to the devastating results that come from that. I truly feel that bullying, Childhood as well as Adults needs to be treated with a much stronger hand. Yes, that means expelling or firing persistent bullies, children, coaches, bosses. It means educating teachers and parents that bullies will not be tolerated. If bullying were treated as a crime, I have no doubt that the number of school and workplace shootings would almost disappear.

  4. Thank you!
    I am one of ”those ” people who really needed to read and hear this.
    I am so fearful of guns and what they do, but because I don’t know how to use and was never taught how to use or gun safety.
    After reading your article, I think I have a little better understanding.
    I have, blamed the individual that fired the weapon, and the gun itself.
    I would never want to take away and ones rights to own a firearm, but I’ve never understood why anyone would want to own one.
    I don’t think I would ever be comfortable around firearms, but I understand others positions regarding their rights of gun ownership.
    So thank you, Ann.

    1. I want to thank you for your comment! They are not for everyone, I don’t carry a concealed firearm because my young children are into everything, including my purse! Once they get old enough I may one day, but a responsible gun owner knows what’s best for them as well as their family. Again, thank you for this, it truly meant a lot!

  5. Thank you for your post. I’m in total agreement with you. We are both retired from the Army and have always had guns in our house. When our son was young, they were locked up and he never had access to them. At an appropriate age he began the lessons on gun safety and responsible gun ownership. We enjoy going to the range and firing at paper targets, but also are assured we will be able to protect ourselves if necessary. You put into words what so many of us think, thanks again.

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