Meet Ann

Ann Accetta-Scott is the author of The Farm Girl’s Guide to Preserving the Harvest and the face behind the brand, A Farm Girl in the Making. Her farm, Acorn Creek Farmstead located in middle Tennessee, is a teaching farm that offers hands-on workshops for those who seek to achieve a more sustainable life. The farm also provides the local community the opportunity to purchase pasture-raised meat, eggs, and real milk.

Hi, I’m Ann.

I thrive on empowering others and watching them succeed. The opportunity to mentor individuals worldwide who seek to live as I do is an incredible blessing – a blessing with a purpose.

Teaching is in my blood. As a self-sufficient homesteading mentor I have been given the opportunity to teach families how to own their food source and how to work the land is essential to the life we live. The reasoning is simple, more families that succeed in living sustainably means more voices to demand a better food source.

I am helping individuals achieve an intentional, traditional, and sustainable homesteading life. The opportunity to speak at many Homesteaders of America conferences and locally has allowed me to energize individuals to reclaim a life of clean eating and simple living.

You can find my work in many magazines such as, Backyard Poultry, Countryside Magazine, Goat Journal. I was also featured by Country Living Magazine on the topic of home food preservation.

Over the years I have worked with many incredible companies such as McMurray Hatchery, Brinsea Incubators, Greenstalk Garden Towers, Redmond Real Salt, and Scratch and Peck Organic Feeds.

Join me as I encourage others to grow, raise, and live as traditionally as possible.

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