The Homesteader’s Sustainable Living Academy

The Homesteader’s Sustainable Living Academy is an online learning opportunity which teaches one on how to achieve a self-sufficient life. A sustainable lifestyle allows families to achieve food freedom and to live traditionally and simply.

Learning the different methods of canning is a necessary step to achieve self sufficient living.

Welcome to The Homesteader’s Sustainable Living Academy!

You are here because you want to learn how to establish, or fine tune, the homesteading life you seek to live. You are here because of the broken food system and you seek the ability to own your food source. Congratulations, you are now a part of a mass group of individuals who know the importance of the homesteading movement, a lifestyle which teaches us how to live a simple, traditional life. 

The courses found in The Homesteader’s Sustainable Living Academy will provide you the knowledge and confidence needed to successfully live a sustainable homesteading lifestyle. In partnership with my website and book, curriculum for The Homesteader’s Sustainable Living Academy will teach you how to:

  • Achieve food ownership through maintaining a sustainable garden, providing you the skills needed for a successful garden to pantry preserving season.
  • Ethically and humanely raise large and small livestock for a bountiful pasture to plate food storage year.
  • Reclaim the lost art of fermentation to obtain optimal health.
  • Natural chemical free homestead for home, self, and livestock.
A colorful jar of hawaiian kraut with shredded carrots and pineapple.

As a first generation homesteader, I know how difficult it can be to find thorough and worthwhile information needed to live this life. I spent years and countless hours studying how to successfully grow and preserve foods, raise meat animals, and establish a homestead. As I watched our food source collapse I knew there was no option to fail at this life. This is what led me to launch The Homesteader’s Sustainable Living Academy

Self-Sufficient Living Courses and Programs Available

Each course is well-researched, taught in a very comprehensive manner, and contains many tips and tricks for establishing a well-rounded homestead as well as an outline for self sufficient living. The Homesteader’s Sustainable Living Academy allows you to work at a pace which is comfortable for you and by all means, review the course as often as you need to. Make sure to take advantage of the free printables, PowerPoints, and workbooks.

Cornish cross chickens are an excellent meat breed to raise for a more sustainable lifestyle.

The first course available in The Homesteader’s Sustainable Living Academy (and in time for the canning season to begin) is the Sustainable Canning Course. Make sure to stay up to date on the release of future courses by joining my email list. The full 2021 curriculum can be found below, I am excited to mentor you through this year of learning!

  • Sustainable Canning Methods – The Sustainable Canning Course – ENROLLING NOW
  • Dried Goods & Cold Storage – COMING SOON
  • The Art of Fermentation – COMING SOON
  • Poultry Processing Class – COMING SOON
  • Brewing Kombucha Tea – COMING SOON
  • Jams, Jellies, and Pickles – COMING SOON

The Sustainable Living Mentorship Program

In addition, The Homesteader’s Sustainable Living Academy also offers an excellent homesteading coaching program called The Sustainable Living Mentorship Program.

The Sustainable Living Mentorship Program is a 7-month coaching program which will allow you to make minor adjustments based on –

  • your property size
  • income
  • and the amount of hours you are available to invest into it to achieve the sustainable lifestyle

There is limited space available for this mentorship program, so be sure to reserve your spot quickly.

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