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2021 Black Friday Sale!

As homesteaders it is essential for us to utilize items which will not only educate us, but also be useful for years to come. The items I have created will help you to fine tune your skills and help you and your family become more sustainable. Now is the time to grab the product I’ve created below.

What do I love about the life we live? That food ownership is on the rise, and the need to learn more about it is creeping into the hearts and minds of many.

Eating clean fresh foods is necessary, however, the desire to preserve the harvest is growing. What better way to enjoy the summer’s bounty than to reach into the pantry or freezer during the cold winter months?

This year, we are excited to offer our very first Black Friday Sale that will give you a jump start into your food preservation journey!


This sale will be open from November 24 until November 29. It includes three of my most helpful food preservation resources AND my Signature Collection apparel line.

The Sustainable Canning Course

This year I am offering my canning course, The Sustainable Canning Course, as part of my Black Friday Sale! The sale starts today, Wednesday and ends Monday at midnight. The canning course covers everything you’ll need to know about –

  • hot water bath canning
  • steam canning
  • steam juicing
  • pressure canning
  • the balance between scientific and traditional preserving methods

It’s time to put your fears aside and own your food source! Allow me to get you to where you need to be.

Grab the Sustainable Canning Course for $99.00 a total savings of over $50! 

**Be sure to use code BLACKFRIDAY2021 at checkout for the discount**

The Sustainable Garden Workbook

One thing you’ll learn quickly about homesteading is this, organization is essential. This begins in the garden and then moves onto the pantry.

The Sustainable Garden Workbook will assist you to prepare, plant, and close the garden successfully. This workbook is packed with tips for selecting the best produce that will provide you the biggest bang for your buck. Do you really need to plant 50 varieties of tomatoes to be sustainable? Absolutely not.

Do you know which garlic and potato varieties store best long-term? How about the best carrots that store well long-term?

Get The Sustainable Garden Workbook for 50% off during this sale! 

The Pantry Organization Workbook

With the preserving season behind you it is necessary to know what you have on hand. This will ensure that –

  1. No fresh food is wasted
  2. Pantry rotation allows you to consume the oldest items first
  3. The items in the freezer are consumed at an even rate preventing you from being left with a bulk of one cut or another.

I also included a section for fermented foods and beverages, and dried and freeze dried foods. By the end of the season you will know exactly what the preserving season will look like for the following year.

The Pantry Organization Workbook is an excellent resource when it comes to weekly meal planning. Meals are prepared based on what needs to be used up, allowing your food storage to be used at an even rate.

Get The Pantry Organization Workbook for 50% off during this sale! 

The Farm Girl’s Guide to Preserving the Harvest

My book, The Farm Girl’s Guide to Preserving the Harvest, is THE A – Z guide to food preservation and food ownership. You will learn everything you need to –

  • The science behind canning foods and which traditional methods are still practiced worldwide. You’ll also learn how to clearly understand how to comprehend what the NCHFP (National center for Home Food Preservation) is stating.
  • How to dry foods using modern and traditional methods.
  • How to properly freeze foods and why Ziplock bags won’t cut it for long-term food storage.
  • Reclaim the lost art of fermentation and how to ferment foods as well as beverages.
  • Discover the simplicity for curing meat and why pink curing salt is not a necessity in food preservation.
  • Lastly, why freeze drying foods is essential in a modern world.

This weekend Amazon is offering a Buy 2 get 1 FREE for many books, including mine. Not to mention, most preservation and gardening books are currently on sale!

The book cover for my book, The Farm Girl's Guide to Preserving the Harvest which is currently available on Amazon.

Apparel – The Signature Collection

The apparel collection is now available and will remain open for the next two weeks! A Farm Girl in the Making not only represents me, but also you!

The proceeds from the apparel line is used to keep our our online academy open and provide scholarships for those who wish to take a course but cannot afford to do so.

 Check out the full apparel line here! 

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