Plastic Stackable Storage Bins

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  • Great Pantry Organizer’s! If you want to rework your pantry and these will exactly what you need. These excellent stackable storage bins are perfect sitting in kitchen holding and storing your vegetables and fruits, water bottles and soda cans. Perforated body allows lots of space for air circulation, can be used as a potato bin for kitchen accessories or produce organizing, such as for spice or potato onion storage organization.
  • Wide Open Front. The plastic stackable storage bin’ scoop front is much larger than other similar heavy duty plastic stackable baskets, accessing the items or contents stored more convenient without moving the top plastic storage basket. They are easy to clean and these stacking bins are easily visible, your view isn’t totally blocked.
  • New Vertical Approach. This Titan Mall plastic stackable bins are adequate and the stacking functionality does save space and really helps out in apartment living. Once these 4 bins are snaps together, it is 27.56″ tall. Each bin is 10.43″L*14.76″W*7.3″H. Durable plastic construction for ventilation, it can be stacked or nested and taken no effort to stack. It will work great for holding kids toys, puzzles, snacks, books, laptops, and phones. PS: the labels stickers are affixed.
  • Stackable bins solve space problem! You can also use the stackable bins in your bathroom to hold shampoo bottles, shower gel bottles, brushes, hair dryers, toiletries, makeup etc. You will like the flexibility to stack in closet for pajamas and work-out clothes, to storage your shirts, pants, dresses, coats etc. Also outdoor hats/gloves and cycling gear, a few hat, gloves, sunglasses, small wind breaker. Bins fit together and are able to support a decent load.
  • Recycling Bins. It may also a great help for your recycle area and you can just load the tubs into your car and dump them into the recycle area. It makes it all so much easier, faster and a neater area. The Titan Mall stacking bins fit nicely in a dorm closet, shallow pantry, cabinet, chest freezer, office(Fit for A4 paper), laundry room or on a shelf as a shelf container.