How To Make Dog Treats – Dehydrated Liver and Turmeric

dehydrated dog treats - liver and turmeric

Almost 2 years ago we decided to stop feeding our dogs kibble and made the switch to providing them a full raw meat diet.  With the switch came extremely large restrictions and conditions on what they could and could not consume, but we were in agreement that feeding raw was best option for our pups.  We all know that treats really aren’t necessary, but we are the type of people who believe a treat is good every once in awhile; especially when you’re training a food driven puppy!

Off we went to the land of Goggle, and we were excited to discover that there are many healthy meat based treats for your dogs – raw fed or kibble.  As homesteaders we strive to consume a clean food source, why shouldn’t our pets receive the same care?  Treats can easily be made to be grain free, contain a simple ingredient or have a few natural supplements added to them.  But the best part?  It truly doesn’t take a lot of time to make meat base treats, so there’s really wasn’t an excuse as to why we weren’t doing it.

This post is about making dehydrated liver and turmeric treats, but the options on what else you can make are endless!  Items such as chicken and beef strips are a favorite here, in addition to beef heart and tongue.

Aside from dehydrating we also like to smoke meat treats, both salmon skin and underbelly are excellent in the smoker and are packed full of Omega 3.  But we can’t forget about the chicken and duck feet, the pups go crazy for them!  

I know, many of you are going to tell me that our dogs are spoiled, and you are absolutely right!  We have seen first hand the damage that grains and preservatives can do to a dog, specifically our old farm dog.  By making treats within the guidelines of their diet we know exactly what is in them and we keep out all of the junk found in store treats.

Out of all the treats we make for them their most favorite is beef liver rolled in turmeric, freshly ground peppercorn and parsley.  In truth it only takes 5 minutes make and that consists solely of prep time.  Well, unless you include the dehydration time of 5 to 7 hours. 

How long it takes to dehydrate the liver treat will depend on a few things – the type of dehydrator you have and how thick you sliced the liver pieces.

dehydrated dog treats - liver and turmeric

Why Add Turmeric, Peppercorn and Parsley?

Organic turmeric contains high levels of curcumin, which is excellent for dogs in many ways.  It helps to promote great heart health, works to detoxify the liver, is an anti-inflammatory and helps to relieve allergies issues.  It’s also been said to contain cancer fighting properties…turmeric for the win!  The curcumin from the turmeric needs assistance to fully absorb into a dog’s system and the way to achieve this it to add freshly ground peppercorn to the mixture.  If you’re having a difficult time finding organic ground turmeric at your local market, this brand here is one we use often, and trust.

Freshly ground peppercorn promotes good gum health and can help to eliminate internal parasites.  It’s also used to help in the absorption of many vitamins and minerals.  You’ll want to make sure that for every half a cup of organic turmeric powder used 1 1/2 teaspoons of freshly ground pepper is added. 

Parsley is not only an excellent breath freshener, it also has amazing health benefits.  This herb helps with arthritis, is said to help reduce the risks of cancer and works to assist in the treatment of urinary tract infections.  It’s also amazing for preventing any kidney related issues and kidney stones,  BUT it does come with warning labels – dogs with kidney problems should not consume parley, nor should pregnant females.  As part of their meal plan our pups receive parsley twice a week, no stinky breath here!

dehydrated dog treats - liver and turmeric

You don’t need a high end dehydrator for this job, our Nesco dehydrator does an amazing job and you can pick one up easily here.  That poor dehydrator of ours, it gets worked to the bone – fruits, nuts, herbs, fruit leather, dog treats, I guarantee you’ll love this hard working machine!

Alright folks, I know you’re going to do your pup’s right by giving this a try, and while you’re at it you might want to try making some Turmeric Paste for your dog.  Turmeric paste can be give daily to help with inflammation, here’s the link.

dehydrated dog treats - liver and turmeric

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  1. Robyn says

    Very interesting article. Can we use chicken liver instead of beef?
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  2. puppermupper says

    Excited to try making these! How long do these keep in the fridge / do they freeze well? Also do your pups chew these treats, or gulp them down?

  3. Lori says

    Thanks so much for posting your method of liver treats. I can’t wait to start adding turmeric, pepper and parsley. My question is have you ever used citric acid to help preserve them? I find that if I don’t use the treats rather quickly, they become moldy. I’d like to make sure they last longer. I dehydrate them completely, then blast them in the oven at 300 for about 3-5 minutes. I’d like to try a natural preservative, but don’t know what might work best. Thanks again!

  4. Heather Morris says

    My dad hunt and I was going to use the liver and hearts from what he hunts. I don’t want to put the extra stuff as my dogs are very picky. Is that fine? Also I know that if we are eating the jerky my dad makes we don’t refrigerate it. I plan to use this as a training treat and it will be gone fast so do I have to put it in the refrigerator after I’m done training for the day or can I leave it out?

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