Kid Friendly Raspberry Cordial for Free Range Homesteading kids

This kid friendly raspberry cordial teaches children how to preserve the harvest by allowing them to make, and enjoy, this delicious dessert sipper. What better way to wrangle free range homesteading kids into the kitchen? Easy to Make Kid Friendly Raspberry Cordial - Bringing Kids into the Kitchen to Preserve the Harvest

What better way to bring kids into the kitchen than teaching them how to make a kid friendly raspberry cordial?  Why?  Two folds, it educates them on how to preserve the harvest, as well as, empowering them to create a drink they will come to love!

When Lola came to me after reading Anne of Green Gables she was intrigued as to what cordial was.  She then talked my ear off in regards to how incredible and strong Anne was.  When I had begun to think she’d leave out the drunken behavior between Anne and Diana, I was quickly mistaken.  The excited rambling continued and my heart was full to hear her recite the book almost verbatim, page by page.

I knew instantly this was the right time to introduce her to a kid friendly raspberry cordial, though it wasn’t going to be I who was going to make it.  Instead it would be my sweet 10 year old child, in all her excited glory, who would be completing the task.

Much like Anne, Lola has a strong independent soul.  Not mention, she is as smart as a whip, and nothing get’s past her.  She has been canning with me for the past two years, with last year being her first solo canning experience by putting up dandelion jelly.   The girl has a homesteading soul, and this momma is awfully proud of her.

This raspberry cordial is her doing, and one which she will continue making for years to come.  And for that, I am truly thankful.

Easy to Make Kid Friendly Raspberry Cordial - Bringing Kids into the Kitchen to Preserve the Harvest Let’s Begin! 

The adventure began with antique and thrift store shopping in search for the perfect cordial glasses and a fancy decanter to store the raspberry cordial in.  Lola painstakingly selected a set of four quaint antique Iris & Herringbone cordial stemware made of depression glass, along with a beautiful decanter.

Next we headed to the raspberry fields and picked over 10 pounds of ripe raspberries.  Not to mention, we may have consumed roughly 5 pound as we picked.  During the process, we giggled and talked about the summer to come.

Easy to Make Kid Friendly Raspberry Cordial - Bringing Kids into the Kitchen to Preserve the Harvest Lola and I sat down and wrote the step for this kid friendly cordial together, making the instructions are quite easy to comprehend.  However, depending on the independence and maturity of your child they may be able to complete this on their own.  Though they may need assistance on the final step.

You see, the berries will need to be separated from the liquid in order to create the cordial.  This is where adult supervision may be needed.  It’s awfully tempting for kids to want to squish the berries as it sits in the sieve.   In order to achieve a nice clear liquid berry squishing needs to be prohibited.  Though in truth, it doesn’t change the flavor, just the presentation.

Easy to Make Kid Friendly Raspberry Cordial - Bringing Kids into the Kitchen to Preserve the Harvest Kid Friendly Raspberry Cordial

Homesteading is about empowering kids to succeed. Now, go find those free range children and get them into the kitchen!

Raspberry Cordial-A Kid Friendly Recipe

This kid friendly raspberry cordial allows you and your child the opportunity to create a non-alcoholic raspberry beverage. This bonding opportunity begins at harvesting the berries and progresses to creating this delightful sipper. An amazing opportunity to create memories for all involved. 
Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time10 mins
Total Time15 mins
Keyword: kid friendly raspberry cordial


  • 4 pints Raspberries fresh or frozen
  • 1/3 cup Lemon Juice fresh or bottled
  • 3 cups Sugar
  • 12 cups Water


  • Wash fresh raspberries well, removing any stems or leaves
  • In a large non-reactive bowl add raspberries and lemon juice. Gently folding in the raspberries until they are coated with the lemon juice.
  • Bring to boil the water and sugar. Allow the liquid to boil until the sugars is completely dissolved. 
  • Remove the sugar water from heat, gently pour the liquid over the raspberries. Allow the mixture to cool to room temperature.
  • Once thorough cooled, cover the bowl and place into the refrigerator for 24 hours. 
  • Using a fine sieve and bottle funnel strain the raspberries from the liquid into a mason jar or swing top bottle. Reserve the sweetened berries into a separate bowl.
  • Once bottled store the kid friendly cordial into the refrigerator.


The reserved sweetened raspberries make for an excellent dessert topper, such as, on top of ice-cream. If not used immediately divide the raspberries into serving portions and freeze for later use.
To lessen the sweetness of the kid friendly beverage 1 part cordial to 1 part water, kefir water, or seltzer water.
This recipe can be canned and enjoyed in the winter months. Simply hot water bath or steam can the liquid for 10 minutes and store in a cool dark location.

Easy to Make Kid Friendly Raspberry Cordial - Bringing Kids into the Kitchen to Preserve the Harvest

Initially, throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth century, cordial was made of fruit juices or through the infusion of flowers and leaves, with a bit of alcohol.  It later became popular to make cordials without alcohol.

With that said, our adult version for raspberry cordial is good, very good.   Y’all need to give it a try, of course once the kiddos have finished making this kid friendly version.

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Easy to Make Kid Friendly Raspberry Cordial - Bringing Kids into the Kitchen to Preserve the Harvest  This decanter is stunning and a great price!

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