Hello, I am Ann

A once-suburban housewife turned lady farmer. I am also the wife to an incredible farmer, a mother to 7, a grandmother to 5, and a lover of all things old and discarded. I am a truth teller, a spitfire, and an advocator for a free world. 

I have no background in homesteading or farming, and I grew my first garden when I started this journey. The skills I have gathered to live a more traditional and sustainable life have all been self-taught through years of research, successes, an equal amount of failures, and many do-overs. Isn’t that what this life represents? Success, failure, and do-overs are a part of my life. We can not grow in our journey without experiencing them.

Consider me a transplant into the movement of clean eating, which involves natural living, cooking from scratch, growing food, raising livestock, preserving the harvest, and the art of living simply.

I advocate for all to have the ability to raise a handful of chickens and maintain a garden, regardless of where you may reside. I encourage families to take control of their food source and fight for a more natural, chemical-free protocol for our health. 

I aim to encourage as many people as possible to become free thinkers and question everything that does not make sense.

The joy of this life allows us to live a quiet life that will enable us to enjoy God’s work and word. I also encourage others to minimize our footprints left behind and buy used and sustainable materials. Wool, cotton, recycled material, and thrift store finds are the way of our lives. 

I have evolved after many years of creating a traditional and sustainable life.

The student has now become a teacher, a servant, an encourager, a community cultivator, and an author for those who desire a more sustainable life.

A Farm Girl in the Making

Our website and online courses are international teaching platforms for all who wish to achieve the life my family and I live. I am also the author of The Farm Girl’s Guide to Preserving the Harvest, a best-selling book that teaches families the necessary steps to preserve the harvest.

Through the years, I have been blessed to speak at many conferences across America, including Homesteaders of America, The Homestead Festival, Murray Fest, The Ozarks Homesteading Expo, The Women’s Homestead Society, and many more.  

We call Tennessee home

My family and I farm 42 acres in southern middle Tennessee where the topsoil is sparse, and the churt and clay are plentiful. A small family farm where overgrazed pastures grow invasive weeds. A place where beef cattle and horses once grazed now houses Jersey milk cows, Katahdin sheep, and Dexter beef cows. On a farm where glyphosates and pesticides are not allowed, regenerative farming and organic practices are.

Unlike my website, our farm, Acorn Creek Farmstead, is a teaching farm that feeds the community.

Our farm offers hands-on workshops that teach necessary homesteading skills such as food preservation, livestock processing, dairy cow workshops, and infrastructure tours.

In addition to learning the necessary skills to live a more traditional life, Acorn Creek offers nonGMO fed and humanely raised hogs, chickens, and turkeys through pasture and silvopasture practices. I must mention raw milk, CSA packages, and farmstead meat shares.

Your journey is underway, and I hope that I can help you achieve a more traditional and sustainable way of life.

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