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  • A Farm Girl’s Guide to Pantry to Table Cocktails


    Enjoy these pantry to table cocktail recipes throughout the year! Throughout the year, in addition to preserving our garden’s bounty for our pantry to table meals, I also take time to fill the pantry with infused alcohol and homemade liqueurs; which serve multiple purposes. These items can be used as a bartering tool, last minute…

  • Canned goods on a shelf for the cover page of the Pantry Organization Workbook

    Pantry Organization Workbook


    Inside the Pantry Organization Workbook are awesome worksheets to help you stay organized and utilize the foods which you have preserved throughout the growing season. Inventory home canned goods, freezer items, fresh foods stored in the root cellar or cold storage space, and ferments. The Pantry Organization Workbook is designed to ensure you consume the…

  • Pantry to Table Cookbook


    Pantry to Table is a unique recipe book crafted with the home food preserver in mind. Discover how easy it is to take goods that you have carefully preserved and then turn them into delectable meals, comforting side dishes, and sweet treats. Learn how to transform canned pumpkin into soups and desserts, or green beans…

  • The Sustainable Garden Workbook


    Sow a sustainable garden with the intention to not only eat within the season, but to preserve fresh, canned, frozen and fermented goods to last throughout the winter months. The Sustainable Garden Workbook was created to help you structure a sustainable garden space while providing the necessary tips as to what food items store best long-term….