Pantry to Table Cookbook is a unique recipe book crafted with the home food preserver in mind. Discover how easy it is to take goods that you have carefully preserved and then turn them into delectable meals, comforting side dishes, and sweet treats.

pantry to table

The concept of the garden to pantry allows a family to own their food source. A true blessing is an ability to grow, harvest, and preserve the bounty. It is from there that we create healthy, homemade pantry-to-table meals.

Discover how simple it is to utilize the foods you have preserved in everyday, easy-to-make recipes. Allow the comfort foods shared in this book to warm you during the cold winter months.

In partnership with my book, The Farm Girl’s Guide to Preserving the Harvest, this recipe book gives you 21 incredibly easy and delicious recipes using your garden to pantry ingredients. Dive into food ownership from beginning to end and enjoy this printable recipe book for years to come!

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