What to Expect from the Pantry Organization Workbook

Pantry organization is essential to utilize items that have been canned, frozen, stored fresh, cured, and fermented to minimize food waste.

Feel free to store each workbook section according to the preserving methods.

Canned goods on a shelf for the cover page of the Pantry Organization Workbook

For example:

  • Keep the pantry sheets with canned and dried goods.
  • Freezer sheet on a clipboard on the freezer.
  • Cold storage or root cellar sheets with fresh and fermented foods.

I store the worksheets in a 1-inch 3-ring binder next to my recipe books. This allows me to quickly create a weekly meal plan based on what we have the most of.

Pantry Tip: Set a routine by taking inventory on the first of each month to ensure all items are remembered.

Learn how easy it is to manage the pantry's inventory on the worksheets provided in this workbook.

Organization is Essential to a Homesteading Life

As a modern homesteader, I maintain a homestead, work from home, raise children, and am a homemaker. By the end of the preserving season, I do not have it in me to remember what was preserved or how much of something was squirreled away for the winter months.

For these reasons, I created the Pantry Organization Workbook. This workbook partnered with the Sustainable Garden Workbook and my book, The Farm Girl’s Guide to Preserving the Harvest. These three books work together to ensure families worldwide the opportunity to become sustainable, relying primarily on the foods they grow, raise, or purchase from local farmers in the area.

As a family who consumes roughly 75% of our diet from our homestead, it is vital that I know what we have on hand at all times. This ensures that no food is wasted, allowing us to incorporate precisely what is needed the following year.

Not to mention, the Pantry Organization Workbook will help you to meal plan accordingly. Knowing what you have in the freezer, cold storage, and pantry will allow you to feed your family by shopping weekly from your personal home “grocery store.” Consuming a clean food source takes work, and this workbook will help you simplify the process.

Congratulations on owning your food source! Now it’s time to enjoy the harvest!

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