Where do I even begin? I think from the beginning. 

Even after ten years spent homesteading, I seek the same thing out of life: the ability to create a simple, more traditional, and sustainable way of living.

In this modern world of supermarkets and fast food, I desire clean foods raised on my land because of the labor of my hard work. 

I desire fruit ripened by the sun, seeds that transform into produce, meat raised on pasture, and fresh eggs laid daily. I crave the milk our beautiful Jersey cows produce and the bacon our pigs provide. 

Is there anything more important than this? Absolutely. 

The larder, freezers, and root cellar are filled, which means we will enjoy the labor of our hard work throughout the cold winter season. 

My friends, this is not only my life but yours as well. I may have a few more years on you, or maybe not, as far as homesteading goes, but you will achieve the same life. I am a teacher with a servant’s heart, and I have a calling to do just that: serve our community by teaching all I know. 

Whether you are learning from me through this website, at a conference, maybe it’s YouTube or my podcast, or articles written for other companies, the goal is the same: bring as many individuals to this life as possible. 

Together, we will grow, preserve, raise livestock, and achieve food freedom. Together, we will learn the true meaning of how to live a simple and more sustainable life. We will live a more traditional life as our ancestors did before us. 

Together, we will teach others the importance of consuming clean foods, a healthy immune system, and the need to consume fermented foods and drinks for optimal health. Remember, when you are healthy, you cannot be controlled. 

I promise to keep giving you the resources you need to get here. 

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