Building A Teepee Trellis For Raised Beds


My husband and I both work, so any chores that need to be completed generally occur in the evenings after work and throughout the weekend.  Holidays?  Are there holidays for modern day homesteaders?  Maybe not now, but there will a day when we will be able to enjoy a holiday and possibly a vacation…some day!

When we purchased the property there were no garden beds, just grass and a lot of trees, lots & lots of trees (mountain living for you).  We built raised beds, brought in the soil, and dropped trees to allow in sunlight.  Lately we have been pretty busy building fixtures to maximize our garden space, which in turn allows us to grown a greater variety of food items.

I am thrilled to announce that the latest phase for our garden has been completed!  After much…..ummmmm…..much discussion and rebuilding….. Farm Guy finished 2 teepee trellises for our vining veggies!

The teepees connect the 3 raised beds together, allowing for a variety of items to grow upward verses outward. There are currently 2 smaller beds (2×2) under the teepees, but they will be relocated.  (update ~ we have only moved one, and decided the other is fine where it is)

The frame was built using recycled 3″ x 3″ post from his job site, you know how much we LOVE free! 

10422007_810808372301385_5672132006287143268_n (2)

I was asked to note, that A Farm Guy will be adding additional braces to better support the teepees, and we will post the upgrades as it happens

He then cross braced it together using 1×4’s and used plywood to gusset it together (what I refer to as the triangle pieces).

11043037_810808388968050_7480848069956335650_n (2)

We opted to use cement panels verses hog panels to save in the cost. The panels are 7′ x 3 1/2′, and we spent $8 per panel.  Over a period of roughly 5 years, we will have to replace the panels due to rusting, but we are hoping that by the time they rust all of our major builds will be done and we can put the money into buying hog panels.  A follower to our FB page suggested that we paint the panels to help prevent them from rusting quickly…now to squeeze that in prior to spring!

Are you wondering what the total cost for 2 awesome raised bed teepee trellises~standing 7 ft tall would cost? $32.00!  In true homesteading fashion, everything but the cement panels were repurposed!

UPDATE:  We went through our first growing season and we LOVE the teepee trellises!  We successfully grew peas in the spring,



harvesting 3 variety of peas and snap peas until July.  Sadly, I had to pull them in order to make room for our summer items.


We grew pole beans and pickling cucumbers for the summer growing season, and we had an excellent harvest as well. 


12246904_10207523770233785_7621115108666730864_n I am excited to see what other items we would like grow on the teepee trellis, and I think spaghetti squash will be part of next year’s garden.

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