Brinsea products have graced our homestead since 2015. They are a company which offers poultry products we believe in and stand behind. And for this reason I am excited to share with you a Brinsea discount code which will allow you to receive 10% off your total purchase.

brinsea discount code

This Brinsea discount allows you to save money when you purchase efficient equipment to hatch poultry, fowl, and gamebirds within the comfort of your home.

Incubators, Hot Plates, and much More!

This company which specializes in poultry needs truly has it all. Coop door openers, a candling tool, incubators, heat plates, brooding kits for classrooms, you name it, they more than likely have it!

Brinsea Incubators

Over this period of time I have raised quail, chickens, ducks, turkeys, and guineas. But there is no greater joy, or better lesson to be learned, than being able to hatching poultry.

Brinsea incubators have proven to be a worthy and efficient tool, producing a high hatch rate each, and every time!

Heat Plates

In addition to incubators, I utilize and love my Brinsea hot plates. Replacing a heat lamp with a hot plate as a source of heat to brooding chicks has been the soundest decision I’ve ever made.

This tool is extremely safe to use, stimulating a mother hen to all chicks, poults, keets, and ducklings under it. The hot plates are incapable of reaching high temperatures, and are not likely to catch anything on fire if knocked over.

I truly love their product, and in truth, would suggest them to anyone who asks.

Brinsea Discount Code

Receive 10% off your total purchase with this Brinsea discount code when you purchase any product from their website. Simply use the code, afarmgirlitm, at checkout.

Please note: This is not an affiliate link, I do not receive any monetary income in exchange for suggesting Brinsea products.

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