Finding information on how to live a homesteading life is difficult. Newcomers on the path to living sustainably are often overwhelmed before the journey can begin. Those new to homesteading should ask themselves:

  • Am I comfortable with preserving the harvest through canning, drying, fermenting, curing, and other method?
  • Can I establish a garden and raise livestock with ease?
  • Is natural living something I seek for myself, the family, around the homestead and for all livestock?
  • Do I understand the concept of simple living and have the desire to learn how to achieve this?

Many enter this lifestyle without the necessary skills or mentor to guide them. Much of this life is about being self-taught, though finding the right individual to guide them can make the transition much easier. There are no shortcuts when it comes to a homesteading life, mistakes can cost money, not to mention, waste material and time.

Let me be the encourager you seek.

A Farm Girl in the Making

Preserving the Harvest

Preserving the harvest through canning, drying, fermenting, curing foods, storing fresh items, freezing, and freeze drying can be overwhelming. For this reason, I decided to simplify the plethora of  information by writing a book on how to successfully preserve foods at home. A simple to understand guide which covers the A-Z of home food preservation containing tips which took me years to gather, The Farm Girl’s Guide to Preserving the Harvest is a reference you will use often. We’ve also shared some of our family’s favorite recipes in each chapter, a gift from our farmhouse kitchen to yours. 

An Encourager

What has this done for me? It has allowed me to encourage and guide others through this life, giving them the ease which I was not blessed to have. Here with me you will find tips on gardening, raising livestock, and how to preserve the harvest in order to enjoy it year round. Not to mention, the importance of learning how to live a holistic life through herbs, essential oils, and colloidal silver.

Simple Living

In addition to encouraging sustainable living you’ll get to learn how to reclaim a simple life. DIYing is greatly valuable in living this life, as well as, living minimally. Learn the lost art of making salves, tinctures, and how to create a chemical free homestead.

About A Farm Girl in the Making

Hello there, I am Ann. A once suburban housewife turned sustainable homesteader. Consider me a transplant into the movement of cooking from scratch, clean eating, food ownership, preserving the harvest, natural living, and the art of living simply.

Unlike many, I was not returning to a homesteading/farming life. This journey which I am living is based on being self-taught. Years of research, successes, failure and a whole lotta do-overs went into our first few years.

Now, with a few years under my belt, A Farm Girl in the Making represents me as an author, blogger, speaker, entrepreneur, and certified doTERRA wellness consultant with an amazing homesteading tribe working alongside me. This homesteading life is an ongoing adventure, one I am extremely excited to be on.

Welcome to my homestead. Grab a cup of coffee and let’s visit a bit. Remember, you’re always welcomed here.



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