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Canning Grapefruit with these Easy Steps

Canning grapefruit provides you with a preservative and metallic free, full flavored fruit in a jar. Learn how to can grapefruit in water or a simple syrup solution.
Servings: 9 pints



  • 13 pounds grapefruit
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 4 cups water


  • Wash and peel the grapefruit.
  • Remove the skin, white tissue and the exterior of the pith in order to prevent bitterness.
  • Cut the segments from the fruit, take care to not include the pith or seeds.
  • Prepare the canner and warm lids.
  • Boil water or make a simple syrup solution.
  • Using a jar funnel fill the mason jars leaving a 1/2-inch headspace.
  • Add liquid until the grapefruit is filled.
  • Wipe rim of jars, add warmed lids, and process jars according to you altitude.


When harvesting or purchasing grapefruit keep in mind, roughly 2 pounds will yield 1 quart. Making that roughly 15 pounds for 7 quarts, and 13 pounds for 9 pints.
Simple Syrup Solution
  • Very light – 1 cup sugar to 4 cups water
  • Light – 2 cups sugar to 4 cups water
  • Medium – 3 cups sugar to 4 cups water
  • Heavy – 4 3/4 cup sugar to 4 cups water