The Sustainable Living Mentorship Program

After many years, I can finally state that I have achieved my goal of becoming a sustainable homesteader. This is a major accomplishment for not only myself but for my family as well. The exciting news? I am offering you the opportunity to achieve this status in less than the 7 years it took me. In fact, I am offering you the opportunity to streamline this learning curve into a 7 month crash course. Learning how to live a sustainable life is imperative to owning your food source.

In short, my goal is to help you achieve an intentional, traditional, and sustainable homesteading life.

How to live a sustainable life generally begins with chickens, the gateway to farming.

The Sustainable Living Mentorship Program

The Sustainable Living Mentorship Program is a 7 month coaching program which will set you up for success, allowing you to make small adjustments based on your property, income, and the amount of hours you are available to invest into it. With homesteading you will realize that timing is everything, and no two homesteads will reach their goal within the same time frame – and that is okay!

How to Achieve a Sustainable Lifestyle

Each month, from April through October, the Sustainable Living Mentorship Program will offer you and 24 other individuals the following:

  •  Bi-monthly mentorship sessions totaling 1.5 hours* each session, including Q & A time. These bimonthly Zoom meetings are seasonally based and will teach** you how to successfully manage your homesteading goals based on the season. During the series of Zoom meetings we will cover:
    • establishing a homestead
    • establishing a sustainable garden and orchard
    • preserving the harvest
    • from scratch cooking
    • selecting the best livestock for your property
    • raising your own meat
Learn how to live sustainably by cooking from scratch.
  •  Goal setting. Learn how to set achievable goals based on your financial situation and time management.
  •  Seasonally appropriate tutorial video. These monthly videos will be seasonally based pertaining to one of the following:
    • sustainable gardening
    • preserving the harvest
    • from scratch cooking
    • tips for raising livestock
  •  Two recipe cards a month pertaining to cooking from scratch or preserving. These are unique recipes for the mentorship program and not available on my website or social media sites.
  •  This mentorship program will provide you the confidence to forge ahead with your dreams to live as traditionally, sustainably, and simply as possible.
  • And more…

*Bimonthly Zoom sessions will be recorded and shared in a private platform for individuals who cannot attend the live session or joined the mentorship program late, and for those who wish to go back a rewatch the session at a later time. **Special guest appearances on selected topics. ***Latecomers to the program will have the opportunity to schedule a private meeting with me to address any questions.

The Sustainable Living Mentorship Program is an outline to achieving your dream and learning how to live a sustainable life. Are you ready to get started? There are only 25 spaces available this year! Enroll today to secure yours!

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