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Spring on the homestead comes with opportunity and challenges, but it comes every year and in order to have a successful season we have to take the good with the bad, the organized time with the unorganized moments, and the birth of beautiful things through the garden or livestock it; all starts now.

March 20 launched the first day of spring for 2016 and I won’t lie, it wasn’t the best day for us!  Nope, not a good day at all!

The testosterone level flew high that day between our male guinea and one of the roosters ~ let’s just say a LOT of pride was damaged in that tussle.


We were planning on planting the potatoes in the potato towers, but the rain returned a day early and nipped that idea in the bud.  It looks like we will be putting up our pop up tent to get the job done; I don’t enjoy working in the pouring rain, and that’s our current condition here in the Pacific Northwest, lots of cold rain!

2015 Potato Towers
2015 Potato Towers

Egg production is back up, and the slackers have started laying again.  We rely on the sale of eggs to pay for the animal feed, and it’s nice to not have to dig into our pockets to cover this expense.


We brought in a new variety of strawberry, an everbearing hybrid plant called the Hawaiian or Pineberry.  It has a distinctive pineapple flavor, and is quite stunning with its white skin and red seeds; it is not self-fertile and they need pollen from a different variety to produce fruit.  We will be planting them in a gutter garden alongside another everbearing strawberry plant called the Ozark Beauty.


The garlic bed which we planted last fall received a bit of damage by a rouge hen who flew over a 7 foot fence and decided that the garlic bed was going to be her landing field.  Not only was it her landing pad, it was a great place to scratch for worms.  Luckily little damage was done, and she was forgiven…this time.

An entire 8'x10' raised bed is dedicated to soft & hardneck garlic
An entire 8’x10′ raised bed is dedicated to soft & hardneck garlic

Our grafted plum tree is in full bloom, and the grafted apple tree has just begun getting leaves.  This year we will be adding an addition two trees; by the time we are done our mini orchard will have a variety of 7 dwarf fruit trees.

Grafted dwarf plum tree
Grafted dwarf plum tree

The perennial herbs, vegetation and fruit have also made their reappearance ~ rhubarb, Raspberry Shortcake bush, blueberries, herbs and a large variety of mint.  I am nervous that we haven’t seen any asparagus yet, and hope that it will make an appearance soon.  Last fall the chicken scratched up our young artichoke plants, and we have plans to plant them once again.


The Raspberry Shortcake bush makes a great container item
The Raspberry Shortcake bush makes a great container item
The chocolate and orange mint are going strong
The chocolate and orange mint are going strong
I thought I had killed this Bee Balm, but obviously it's stronger than I thought
I thought I had killed the Bee Balm, but I am grateful I was wrong!

Of course, the most exciting part of spring are the new babes on the homestead!  This year’s chicken selection brought us breeds that we have never raised before, as well as, new egg color.  Soon the quail and turkey poults will arrive, and shorty after our breeding stock of meat rabbits be here.


Growth is the key element of Spring, and Spring on the homestead varies between each homesteader’s needs.  For this reason we are hosting a LINKED-IN inviting other bloggers to share blogs related to Spring ~ Easter, gardens, livestock, canning, cooking and crafts.  This is a great way to help homesteaders find answers to their questions, motivation and ideas, all in one location.

We hope you will join us by sharing your blog or by sharing this blog!

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