Pantry to Table Cookbook


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Pantry to Table is a unique recipe book crafted with the home food preserver in mind. Discover how easy it is to take goods that you have carefully preserved and then turn them into delectable meals, comforting side dishes, and sweet treats. Learn how to transform canned pumpkin into soups and desserts, or green beans into various casseroles and dishes – there is something for everyone!

Pantry to Table is a recipe book filled with my family’s favorite food items. However, feel free to adjust the ingredient listed based on what is in your pantry. 

In partnership with my book, The Farm Girl’s Guide to Preserving the Harvest, this recipe book gives you 20 incredibly easy and delicious recipes using your garden to pantry ingredients. Dive into the concept of food ownership from beginning to end and enjoy this printable recipe book for years to come!