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Pickled Garlic – A Delicious Way To Preserve The Harvest

pickled garlic

I am sharing this fabulous pickled garlic recipe which was created by a dear friend, Bunny of Bunny’s Best.  There are very few individual that awe me, and I will say she is one of them.  She is my mentor in the canning world and her cooking skills are absolutely amazing! 

My love for pickled garlic began when I had received an unexpected package by none other than my dear friend, and in the box was a jar of pickled garlic – along with a bunch of other items, but my mind can really only remember the pickled garlic!  It had caught my eye immediately, causing me to eat half the jar in one sitting.  The other half was gone the next day.  Yes, I ate the entire jar in two short sittings, that’s how delicious they were!

I am excited to announce, with Bunny’s permission, we are sharing her recipe and photos!  Additional recipes, canning and cooking, can be found on her Facebook page; you must really visit it, I am sure you will come to love her and her page as much as I do!

pickled garlic
Using the freshest ingredients ensure full flavor is achieved

“Pickling mellows the flavor of garlic. It can be used on cheese and antipasto platters, crushed and spread on crostini, used in salads, sauces, soups and dressings. Or you can snack on the cloves straight out of the jar. Once pickled, the vinegar’s acidity neutralizes odor-causing compounds so you aren’t left with garlic breath.”

pickled garlic
On a crostini with goat cheese – Bunny’s Best

“You can create your own pickling spice mix using your favorite spices to achieve the flavor results you’re looking for – some good options include an Italian seasoning mix, or mustard seed, dill seed, allspice, coriander seed, clove, cumin seed, bay leaf, oregano, black pepper, and red pepper flakes. Whatever floats your boat! The brine mix however must remain the same to insure safe preservation if canning.”

pickled garlic
Perfect on a cheese or an antipasta platter. The flavor of pickled garlic is very mellow – Bunny’s Best

“18 heads of garlic will yield about 7 half pint jars. The recipe below will make one jar, you can multiply for more jars.  To soften and loosen skins, crush the bulb on a table top under your palm. Blanch garlic in rapidly boiling water 60 seconds; immediately immerse in cold water. Drain and peel cloves.”

pickled garlic

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    • I have not, but I’d be interested in knowing the brine. We make our own teriyaki sauce and it consists of quite a bit of salt & sugar. I am wondering how it would sit in the canning process and shelf life since herbs & seasonings tend to amplify in flavor overtime. But it does sound yummy!

  1. Quick question…. When you say the recipe yeilds 7, what does that mean? I would love to make large batches of this since we grow garlic every year and I would LOVE to make this revipe:) Thanks in advance.


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