• Apple cinnamon fruit leather is an easy to make healthy fall snack item. Children of all ages will enjoy consuming apple fruit roll ups, and the bonus? A homemade apple fruit leather recipe can be made with any type of apples year round. Each time fruit leather is made Justin shares the same story, and I sit back and listen… [Continue Reading]

    Apple Cinnamon Fruit Leather | an Easy Homemade Recipe
  • Many households across the country enjoy canning sliced green tomatoes. Canning green tomatoes for frying allows this summertime treat to be enjoyed year round. One unable to appreciate canning green tomatoes until the dead of winter. There are two things my closest friends know about me, I was born in the wrong era and I love southern cooking. Actually, I… [Continue Reading]

    Canning Sliced Green Tomatoes for Frying
  • Canning tomatoes whole is a great method for preserving the harvest, especially a bumper crop. Follow these easy tips on how to can whole tomatoes for a year’s worth of garden fresh goodness! The most preserved item during canning season is the tomato. Whether the goal is to put-up salsa, sauces, or the basic tomato canning tomatoes is an extremely easy… [Continue Reading]

    Canning Tomatoes Whole (with Video)
  • A good cherry lemonade popsicles recipe is a refreshing treat during the warm summer months. Take advantage of cherry season by making this simple popsicle recipe. I must have been 10 years old when I discovered cherries. And let me tell you, I consumed my fill of them! At this time my grandmother lived in New Jersey, and it was… [Continue Reading]

    Cherry Lemonade Popsicles Recipe
  • Roasted peaches and cream popsicles are a refreshing treat during the warm summer months. Make sure to enjoy this quick and easy peach popsicle recipe throughout peach season. Popsicles have come a long way since my youth. Or maybe I now seek a more sophisticated taste in food items as simple as popsicles. How is it possible that something as… [Continue Reading]

    Roasted Peaches and Cream Popsicle Recipe

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Homemade Cherry Fruit Leather

Children of all ages love homemade cherry fruit leather. The process for making dehydrated cherry fruit leather, or cherry fruit roll ups, is extremely easy. Keep in mind, this recipe can be used with any fruit in season. Homemade Cherry Fruit Leather Fruit leather is an item my children will devour in minutes. Hence the need to provide a healthier…

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Homemade Peach Fruit Leather Recipe

Homemade peach fruit leather recipe makes for an easy healthy snack item for children of all ages. This easy peach fruit roll-up takes only minutes to prepare and can be dried in the dehydrator or oven. There is nothing I love more than hearing my husband tell me I’ve made something or another which reminds him of his grandmother or…

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Canning Bourbon Peaches | Drunken Peaches

Bourbon peaches are a delicious summertime treat. However, enjoy this drunken peaches recipe by canning it. Canning bourbon peaches allows this recipe to be enjoyed well after the summer months. Canning bourbon peaches has become a tradition on the homestead. There is no better means for preserving peaches than this recipe. Preserving fruits in alcohol has been around the block…

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