• Tame the beard of any man with an easy grooming routine consisting of this homemade beard oil recipe. A natural DIY beard oil recipe contains 2 ingredients, making it a great all natural body product for men. For the first 7 years of our marriage Justin did not have a beard, what he had was a little soul patch and… [Continue Reading]

    Easy DIY Beard Oil Recipe for Grooming the Bearded Man
  • Enjoy home grown potatoes well into the late winter months by selecting the best storing potatoes. Learn what varieties are the best longest storing potatoes. By selecting the best potatoes for storing long-term ensures the garden’s bounty for many months to come.  To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. Is there anything truer than this? I think not.… [Continue Reading]

    Best Storing Potatoes for Keeping Long-Term
  • A natural cough syrup is as simple as this honey lemon thyme syrup recipe. Nothing will sooth your cough and throat better than this quick garden recipe. It is that time of the year when an itchy, sore throat is common. Especially around my household. Luckily for us, soothing such discomfort is quite easy. This concoction is made with three… [Continue Reading]

    Honey Lemon Cough Syrup Recipe with Thyme| a Natural Solution
  • This simple golden milk recipe is made with a few basic ingredients, with turmeric being the primary one. Golden milk latte is ideal to encourage sleep and sore joints, exactly what we need after a long day on the property. Utilizing turmeric as a spice is not new to me. In fact, I’ve been cooking with it long before I… [Continue Reading]

    Simple Golden Milk Recipe | Made with Turmeric and Milk
  • Discover 16 fruits and vegetables to grow vertically to expand a garden space. A great example is growing cucumbers vertically. Vertical growing plants are healthier and tend to produce more produce. This article provides vertical vegetable garden ideas for gardeners from all walks of life. Living in the mountains requires me to be creative with the garden space we have.… [Continue Reading]

    Fruits and Vegetables to Grow Vertically

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Canning Maple Bacon Jam with Bourbon

This recipe for canning maple bacon jam is a great item to have in the pantry. Unlike other bourbon maple bacon jam with onions recipes, this one is made to be shelf-stable. Food is better with bacon in it. Period. However, bacon partnered with maple syrup and bourbon is divine. There is something, well, right about this pairing. Bourbon bacon…

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Practical Gifts for Homesteading Kids

To live a simple life means offering practical gifts for homesteading kids. Great gifts for farm kids or homesteaders consists of items which encompass the life we live. This article provides list books, kits, tools, and garden items which will help your child with the skills needed to live the homesteading life.   Gift giving is not a strong point of…

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How to Render Lard using a Slow Cooker

How to render lard is an extremely easy process. Rendering pork fat allows for a very diverse oil which can be used for cooking, baking, and seasoning cast iron. Learn what the term, canning lard, refers to and how that affects storing this rendered pork fat long-term. Living the homesteading life allows for great treasures, and believe it or not,…

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DIY Naturally Scented Pinecones

Leave the chemicals behind and make scented pinecones. Easy DIY naturally scented pine cones are made with foraged pinecones and essential oils. Included are tips on how to clean pine cones as well as how to properly scent pine cones for a pleasant, long lasting smell. The decision to live a healthy, natural lifestyle means caring for what you put…

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