• Canning strawberry rhubarb pie filling allows you to enjoy the rhubarb harvest well into the winter months. This rhubarb pie filling is tarts, sweet, and tasty! Canning rhubarb is extremely easy, but make sure to looking into how I preserve additional methods for this springtime perennial. Canning Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Filling As I sat down to writ-up how to preserve… [Continue Reading]

    Canning Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Filling
  • Make your own laundry soap using 3 basic household ingredients. A homemade product, such as this DIY laundry soap, is chemical free option which cleans clothing quite well. Many years ago, as a suburban housewife, I tried my hand at making homemade laundry soap. During that time I never fathomed that it was possible to make your own laundry soap… [Continue Reading]

    Make Your Own Laundry Soap Using 3 Items
  • Rhubarb simple syrup is a great way to preserve this tart spring perennial. This rhubarb syrup recipe is easy to make and has a plethora of uses. Create a delicious rhubarb syrup cocktail, to flavor water kefir or kombucha, and over pancakes or waffles. A Delicious Rhubarb Simple Syrup Rhubarb announces the arrival of spring with promise that summer is… [Continue Reading]

    Rhubarb Simple Syrup | Preserving Rhubarb
  • A DIY clothesline is ideal to dry clothes outdoors, and depending on where you reside this can occur in the summer and winter months. Building a clothesline which resembles an old power-line takes a little creativity and even less work. Living the homestead life tends to mean reclaiming a simpler time. Which in turn means saving money whenever, and however,… [Continue Reading]

    DIY Clothesline | Dry Clothes Outdoors
  • Build an a-frame trellis for items such as summer melons, winter squash, pole beans, or cucumbers. This particular style of garden trellis is excellent for heavier items and is ideal for vertical gardening. Not to mention, this DIY a-frame trellis is extremely easy to construct. Why Build an A-Frame Trellis Small space gardening has its restrictions. And in truth, this… [Continue Reading]

    Build an A-Frame Trellis for the Garden

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Poultry Processing Equipment | Butchering Day

Poultry processing equipment makes butchering chickens and other domestic birds easier. The supplies for butchering will vary, however, these 8 tools for butchering chickens, turkeys, and waterfowl easily cut the processing time to half. Processing livestock will leave you full of emotions, drained, and thankful. The ability to raise and humanely dispatch chickens, turkeys, waterfowl and other fowl is a…

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Spring on the Homestead | April 2020 Recap

Spring on the homestead means many things to many people. For homesteaders it means preparing for livestock births, waking-up the garden, preserving the Spring harvest, and planning for bigger (and better) opportunities. But more importantly, it mean growth. Homesteading is about evolving. Growing. Making something better than it once was. At times homesteading is about revisiting things which once worked…

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15 Tips for Raising Waterfowl

15 tips for raising waterfowl which all poultry keepers should know. Discover everything necessary about raising waterfowl prior to adding them onto the property. Make keeping waterfowl enjoyable by setting yourself up for success and being prepared for this amazing poultry breed. Keeping waterfowl is extremely enjoyable. The wiggly waterfowl tails, the quacking, the incredibly quick waddling from location to…

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A Pool for Ducks | Setting-up a Duck’s Paradise

A pool for ducks serves many purposes. Though a duck’s paradise consists of a basic necessities; coop, water, and feeding station. The duck pool is ideal, though not necessary, for preening, minimizing mites and lice, and providing hours of enjoyment for your flock of waterfowl. Constructing a duck’s paradise will consist of a few basic items: a coop feed bowls…

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Where to Buy Chickens and Poultry Online

Many are unsure as to where to buy chickens and other poultry. Aside from a feed store, buy baby chicks and other young poultry from reputable hatcheries online. It took me over six years before I gained the courage to order chickens from a hatchery. The fear was indeed real. What was the fear? A chick should die in route…

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