• A peach BBQ sauce recipe ties summer with finger lickin’ goodness, all rolled up in one. Canning this homemade BBQ sauce allows for the taste of summer to be enjoyed throughout the winter months. The bonus? Preparing this peach BBQ sauce is done using a slow cooker or roaster oven. Freeing you up to move on to other pressing tasks… [Continue Reading]

    Peach BBQ Sauce Recipe with Canning Tips
  • Ginger peach conserve is a great way to enjoy harvest. An easy way to preserve the peach harvest is canning ginger peach conserve, which will to be enjoyed throughout the winter months. Feel free to consume, and enjoy, this recipe fresh with goat cheese, pancetta, dry salami, or warm bread. Who doesn’t love a little something sweet, with a slightly… [Continue Reading]

    Ginger Peach Conserve Recipe | Canning Tips
  • An old fashioned peach cobbler recipe is not something to pass on. Made with fresh peaches and a from scratch cobbler mix, you can feel the love that goes into it. With summer it is all things peach, making peach desserts and methods for preserving peaches are at the top the list of things to accomplish. Whether peaches are harvested,… [Continue Reading]

    Old Fashioned Peach Cobbler Recipe
  • Canning peach jam with honey tastes like summer in a jar. The minimal amount of time and effort put into this preserve makes every spoonful worth it. Is there any better way to enjoy peach season than by consuming it year-round? Preserving peaches is a must for all home preservers, and this recipe is a great basic item for every… [Continue Reading]

    Canning Peach Jam with Honey
  • Canning stewed tomatoes is an excellent way of preserving tomatoes. This stewed tomato recipe is not only delicious but extremely easy to make. Home canned tomatoes are exceptional in flavor and do not have a metallic flavor. Once you begin canning tomatoes store bought will no longer due! Preserving tomatoes is a necessity. Purchasing canned tomatoes from the market is… [Continue Reading]

    Canning Stewed Tomatoes Recipe

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Raising Meat Rabbits | Breeds, Feed, Housing

Raising meat rabbits is a big decision for many homesteaders. Learn about heritage meat rabbit breeds and whether raising rabbits is the worth the investment and time. To many, the thought of raising rabbits as a meat source is unconventional. Unheard of. Unethical. And cruel. But to others, raising rabbits as a sustainable meat is an ideal source of protein….

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Garlic Scapes – Easy Homemade Pesto Recipe

Garlic Scapes make an amazing pesto. Truly amazing. But a non-traditional recipe which includes cilantro and sunflower seeds makes this dish phenomenal! Also, preserving pesto is extremely easy to achieve. Learn how a bit further down. By now, you know what garlic scapes are. And more than likely you know the importance of removing these flowering heads to allow the…

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Tips for Crisp Pickles | Prevent Soft Pickles

Tips for crisp pickles can be found right here, there’s no need to look any further. Get crunchy pickles naturally by using these easy steps. How to prevent soft pickles consists of a few basic steps. And in truth, it is much easier than expected. Tips for Crisp Pickles Crisp pickles, is that too much to ask for? Preventing soft…

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Easy Refrigerator Dill Pickles Recipe

This easy refrigerator dill pickle recipe is a quick way to preserve cucumbers. Kosher dill pickles are put together in minutes and ready in two short days! This makes this easy pickle recipe ideal for small batch preserving. This is actually a Kosher dill pickle recipe. Yes, it is an easy pickle recipe. No, it is not a shelf stable…

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Feeding Rabbits Naturally | Reduce Pellet Feed

Feeding rabbits naturally is achievable. Offer hay as a free choice and incorporate foods such as comfrey, fodders and dark leafy greens to ensure that a nutritious and balanced diet is met. Incorporating minimal amounts of fruit, flowers, and herbs also increases the levels of supplements being offered. The key to creating a balanced diet is knowing what to offer…

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Sprouting Barley Grains for Poultry

Sprouting barley grains for poultry provide a healthy addition to daily feedings. Learn how to easily set up a growing system in the comfort of your home. In order to begin you will need, Non-GMO, organic barley grains, a container for sprouting, and fresh water. It is as easy as that! Why Offer Sprouted Barley Grains Sprouting barley grains for…

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Gutter Gardening | A Unique Container Garden

Gutter gardening is ideal for those who seek to maximize their garden space. A container garden, or vertical herb garden, is appealing to many renters. And ascetically appealing when constructed correctly. Being creative with this type of gardening will allow you to produce more than you can imagine. Why is Gutter Gardening Beneficial? Gutter gardening, who would have thought? It…

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Pickled Asparagus | A Blue Ribbon Recipe

Pickling asparagus is a great way to preserve this springtime item. Take a minute to try this blue ribbon recipe which can be enjoyed straight from the jar! With that said, this blue ribbon pickled asparagus recipe partners perfectly with a great homemade Bloody Mary. Pickled asparagus is one of those things that pairs perfect with everything.  I mean, absolutely…

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Steam Canner | How to Use One Confidently

A steam canner is a canning tool used to preserve foods that are high acidity. This canning tool has revolutionized how jams, jellies, fresh fruit,  fruit juice, pickled items, and much more are preserved at home. The bonus with using a steam canner? This canning tool can be used on, both, a tradition and glasstop stove. Why is This a…

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DIY Wood Box for Firewood Storage

A DIY wood box for firewood storage is ideal for those who utilize a wood stove as a source of heat and for cooking. Keeping a firewood storage container closer to the house is simple convenience. Individuals who use multiple cords of wood during the winter months do not have the ability to store all of it close to the…

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