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Canning Cherry chipotle BBQ Sauce

Canning Cherry BBQ sauce, in its own right is delicious. Down right finger licking good. However, there’s something to be said about canning a smoked cherry chipotle BBQ sauce. Forget delicious, it is scrumdiddlyumptious! Not to mention, this recipe can be enjoyed throughout the year. This, my friends, is how we enjoy the harvest year round. July introduces cherry season…

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Old Fashion Raspberry Cordial – A Sweet Cocktail Sipper for Adults

Old fashion raspberry cordial recipe is a sweet cocktail sipper for adults. Much as it was made centuries ago, this cordial is made using fresh fruit, alcohol, and sugar. This adult beverage is guaranteed to not disappoint. Raspberry season is not complete until raspberry-jalapeno jam and this old fashion raspberry cordial have been made. Of course, there’s more to create, though…

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Sweet and Buttery Pie Crust in Minutes

  Sweet and buttery pie crust, is there another type? Plain Jane crusts are nothing in comparison to sweet and buttery. This recipe will take only minutes to make and seconds to devour. This is particularly true for food items which delight the tummy. For the most part, I’m not a baker. In truth, I really don’t enjoy it. Nor…

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Homemade Old Fashion Egg Custard Pie

Egg custard pie is a traditional southern dessert which takes only minutes to prepare, using simple ingredients from the pantry and farm fresh eggs from the hens. This may be a dessert of the south, but this northern farm girl has added her touch to it! Thank you, little feathered dinosaurs Hands down, by a landslide, this old fashion egg…

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25 Uses For The Dandelion Plant ~ Flower, Greens and Root

Could there truly be 25 uses for the dandelion plant?  There’s definitely more than 25 uses, but let’s start with a few excellent tips which I gleaned from some amazing homesteading friends! Was there ever a time when you considered dandelions to be weeds?  Maybe this thought never occurred to you as a homesteading adult, but I know as a kid you didn’t look at them and think, ‘Ohhhh, this…

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