• A delicious homemade apple pie popsicles is the perfect fall treat. This apple popsicle recipe consists of a handful of all-natural ingredients, making them a healthy snack item for children and adults of all ages. My fondest memory as a child revolves around popsicles. Well, not really popsicles, but ice-pop. Ice-pop made of Kool-Aid frozen in Dixie cups to be… [Continue Reading]

    Apple Pie Popsicles using Fresh or Home Canned Apples
  • Dehydrating fresh elderberry fruit is quite easy. Here are easy tips on how to dry elderberries and the best method for storing them for long-term storage. Living a homesteading life has allowed me the opportunity to learn skills I never owned. Skills which would allow us to ensure that our immune system, gut, and overall health are at its strongest.… [Continue Reading]

    How to Dry Elderberries and Store for Long-Term Storage
  • How to freeze fresh eggs is easy and can be done with two simple steps. Utilize frozen eggs for baking, frittatas, quiches, omelets, and scrambled eggs. Freezing chicken eggs, as well as, freezing duck eggs allows for an endless supply when your flock is taking a holiday from laying. I wasn’t born into homesteading or farming. Which means I truly… [Continue Reading]

    How to Freeze Fresh Eggs with these Two Easy Steps
  • Set jams and jellies with a homemade apple pectin. This homemade natural apple fruit pectin eliminates the need for a commercial powder or liquid product. The idea of making homemade apple pectin is not something which crosses the minds of many. Why would it when a commercial product is readily available? Let’s recap 2020. During the pandemic, Americans were eager… [Continue Reading]

    Homemade Apple Pectin for Making Jams and Jellies
  • Build your own DIY polytunnel design utilizing a handful of items. Small polytunnel gardening and greenhouse designs are on the rise and an inexpensive tool to utilize for growing food. Living on the coastal side of the Pacific Northwest, outside of Seattle, Washington, has its challenges when it comes to gardening. Especially, for individuals like myself who grow food in… [Continue Reading]

    DIY Polytunnel for under Forty Dollars

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Daikon Radish Kimchi an Easy Kimchi Recipe

Daikon radish kimchi is one of the most delicious healing food items one can consume. This traditional kimchi recipe can be made year round and is extremely easy to make. Healing foods. These foods are readily available, yet, many do not realize how such foods help the body. How we became disconnected from our food source is beyond me. However,…

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Designing a Potager Garden or a Small Kitchen Garden

When designing a potager garden there are a few things to keep in mind. Color, texture, and depth are details which go into designing a kitchen garden. Flower, edible and medicinal, play a strong part of a potager garden design. Easy kitchen garden ideas consist of vegetables which contain color, trellises for depth, and textures from vegetation of various sizes….

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Pantry Preparedness | Stocking your Pandemic Pantry

Be prepared with an emergency food storage by stocking your pandemic pantry. A pantry preparedness guide allows you to provide for your family during unknown times. A well-stocked emergency pantry is necessary for not only a pandemic crisis, but also during tough times and a natural disaster. The homesteaders of the world are not necessarily preppers, but preperationists. We initially…

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