• A homesteading housewife. This is who I seek to be. A homesteading homemaker who wishes to serve her family and property while creating a homesteading life. Living a simple life is the desire for many woman like myself. Whatever it takes, we will achieve these goals. The homesteading life awakens many unknown feelings in women. We seek to live a… [Continue Reading]

    Homesteading Housewife | All in a Day’s Work
  • Canning equipment, especially efficient ones, are necessary for preserving foods. The following 4 home canning supplies will quickly become your favorite canning tools. Food ownership begins with the ability to preserve the harvest. Growing food and consuming it in season is an excellent stepping stone to food ownership. Though for many, there’s more. The ability to preserve foods year round… [Continue Reading]

    Canning Equipment | 4 Must Have Tools
  • A seasonal planting guide assists those who wish to establish a home vegetable garden successfully. Learn what to grow each season on the homestead or in a backyard vegetable garden. This vegetable planting guide assists those who seek to know more about what seeds to start and the best garden planting time based on the growing zone for your location.… [Continue Reading]

    Seasonal Planting Guide | Garden Video
  • Raising turkeys on the homestead is easier than most believe it is. In this article learn how to house turkeys and if raising pasture-raised turkeys is the best decision for the property. Raising turkeys for meat provides a family enough foods for months to come. There are many factors to consider prior to raising turkeys on the homestead. With the… [Continue Reading]

    Raising Turkeys on the Homestead
  • Homemade limoncello made with Meyer lemons is truly the best recipe for making limoncello liqueur. This sweet, yet lemony, alcoholic beverage is an excellent mixer to accompany any, and many, cocktails. However, the best way to consume this delightful liqueur is as an after dinner sipper. I am a lover of all things lemony and tart. Be it cookies, cakes,… [Continue Reading]

    Homemade Limoncello using Meyer Lemons

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Smoked Kale Kraut – Easy Fermenting Steps

Smoked kale kraut is a step above any, and all, fermented sauerkrauts. This kale kraut recipe contains fresh ingredients and a little smoked spice. Not to mention, this recipe contains the same sauerkraut probiotics you’ll find in other fermented kraut recipes. Fermented Sauerkraut Either you love kraut or you do not. If you do not I’m willing to bet you…

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What to Feed Chicks | Feed Options

What to feed chicks? Chick starter feed consisting of organic cracked grains is ideal for raising chicks. Organic chick feed, as in a whole grain chick feed, accompanied with herbs and supplement boosts the immune system and creates healthier adult poultry.  Whether you’re new to raising poultry or a seasoned poultry keeper, reading information on what to feed chicks is…

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Lemon Syrup Recipe | Canning Lemons

Canning lemons is a perfect way to preserve the citrus harvest by making lemon syrup. Serve canned lemonade concentrate as a warm beverage on cold days, to sooth sore throats and coughs, or with fresh strawberries during the summer months. Twenty or so years ago a Japanese friend insisted that I consume a hot lemon beverage to help sooth my…

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Delicious Homemade Lemon Extract Recipe

Homemade lemon extract is a true lemon flavored ingredient, making it perfect for baking. This DIY lemon extract is made with two basic ingredients, and takes only minutes to make. Baked goods such as, lemon shortbread cookies or lemon brownie bars, will contain the perfect lemon flavor because of this homemade item. Lemon Extra | The perfect Lemon Flavor Lemon…

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