• Sprouting barley grains for poultry provide a healthy addition to daily feedings. Learn how to easily set up a growing system in the comfort of your home. In order to begin you will need, Non-GMO, organic barley grains, a container for sprouting, and fresh water. It is as easy as that! Why Offer Sprouted Barley Grains Sprouting barley grains for… [Continue Reading]

    Sprouting Barley Grains for Poultry
  • Gutter gardening is ideal for individuals who are limited in space, or for those who wish to maximize the space they have. Growing food is ideal, however, growing foods in a gutter is creative and out of the box. Why is Gutter Gardening Beneficial? Gutter gardening, who would have thought? It is an unconventional method for gardening, but one which… [Continue Reading]

    Gutter Gardening | Container Garden
  • Pickling asparagus is a great way to preserve this springtime item. Take a minute to try this blue ribbon recipe which can be enjoyed straight from the jar! With that said, this blue ribbon pickled asparagus recipe partners perfectly with a great homemade Bloody Mary. Pickled asparagus is one of those things that pairs perfect with everything.  I mean, absolutely… [Continue Reading]

    Pickled Asparagus | A Blue Ribbon Recipe
  • A steam canner is a canning tool used to preserve foods that are high acidity. This canning tool has revolutionized how jams, jellies, fresh fruit,  fruit juice, pickled items, and much more are preserved at home. The bonus with using a steam canner? This canning tool can be used on, both, a tradition and glasstop stove. Steam Canner – Why… [Continue Reading]

    Steam Canner | How to Use One Confidently
  • A DIY wood box for firewood storage is ideal for those who utilize a wood stove as a source of heat and for cooking. Keeping a firewood storage container closer to the house is simple convenience. Individuals who use multiple cords of wood during the winter months do not have the ability to store all of it close to the… [Continue Reading]

    DIY Wood Box for Firewood Storage

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Top 13 Duck Breeds to Raise for Eggs

Top 13 duck breeds to raise for eggs. Learn which duck breeds are prolific layers, laying between 150 and over 300 eggs per year. In addition to this, it’s important to know what breeds forage the best. Ducks which forage well produce a better tasting egg.` You have made the decision to incorporate ducks onto the property. However, which breed…

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Selecting the Best Chicken Breeds for Children

Selecting the best chicken breeds for kids is necessary for those who are new to raising poultry. Chickens come with temperaments which can vary between breeds. Some are more docile, whereas others are very standoffish. Looking to incorporate children and chickens? There are a few things to know before the two meet. I am a chicken enabler. To those who…

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Raising Broiler Chickens: Breed, Feed, Housing

Raising Broiler chickens for meat purposes is something everyone should do. Learn how to select the best broiler breed, the right feed, and housing for your homestead. The primary benefit to homesteading is the opportunity to own your food source. For many, owning your food source may consist of maintaining a garden, while others choose to raise laying hens. Then…

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Raising Coturnix Quail for Meat and Eggs

Raising Coturnix Quail is a great way to incorporate a protein onto the property. Domesticated quail offer a tasty meat option and are prolific egg layers. Not to mention, quail are an ideal option for those with a smaller property, and are extremely easy to raise. About the Coturnix Quail Quail come in a variety of species, though the most…

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Setting Up a Chick Brooder | Raising Chicks

Setting up a chick brooder prior to bringing home chicks is vital to their survival. Learn how to select the right size brooder box, the type of heat to provide, and your best options for feed. The process is not difficult to accomplish, but one that does take planning. Selecting a Chicken Breed Let’s get off topic for a moment….

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Canning Dried Beans with Bean Bread Recipe

Canning dried beans is about having homemade convenience foods in the pantry. Enjoy the simplicity of opening a jar of ready to eat home canned beans without the hassle of pre-soaking them. Leave behind the metallic flavor found in aluminum cans by canning dried beans at home. The process is easy and the outcome is delicious! The key to owing…

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Pinto Bean Bread | A Hearty Recipe

Pinto bean bread can easily be made in minutes using a handful of ingredients from the pantry. Though this recipe is called a bread it is in fact a loaf; similar in texture to banana bread but a much heartier option. Feel free to partner this recipe with a salad, soup, a meat option, or consumed with homemade butter and…

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Refried Beans | Using Canned Beans and Lard

Refried beans, made from scratch, is extremely easy dish to prepare. This recipe calls for the use of pinto beans, lard, and a few other ingredients. As a matter of fact, this homemade refried beans recipe compares equally to how your favorite Mexican restaurant prepares theirs! Preparing Dried Beans Begin by preparing the dried beans for cooking. Keep in mind,…

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Fermented Chicken Feed | The Health Benefits

Fermented chicken feed is easy to make for your flock. The fermented whole grains provide good gut health, requires less feed per serving, and is a way to extend the nutrients of the grains. Not to mention, fermented feed can also be fed to water fowl, guineas, turkeys, and quail. A Quick Rundown on Fermentation What makes fermentation awesome for…

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