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We’re all about giving over here. This year, you’ve given us a lot! We have reached so many new people, gained new followers and readers, and more. More than ever, homesteaders have reached out to us, and we’ve reached out to you, and it has been such an exciting year. You’ve made this year totally worth it. 

Because we’re just in love with you guys, and because we’re always wanting to find new ways to give back to our homesteading community, we’ve joined forces with The Fewell Homestead, some amazing companies and homesteaders, to bring you the ultimate homestead Christmas giveaway! 

There will be multiple winners. One for each product.

Here are the products that we’re giving away.


Brinsea Ecoglow 20

This chick brooder is so necessary for any homesteader. Ditch the dangerous heat lamp and opt for a safe and efficient ecoglow from Brinsea. 



The Elliott Homestead Cookbook

I LOVE this cookbook. Shaye did such an incredible job with it. I’m giving away a hard copy of this that I’ve purchased just for you guys. You’re going to love it!


Melalueca Essential Oil

This oil needs to be on your homestead if it isn’t already. I cannot tell you how many times I have had to use it on a cut or open wound on an animal, pet, or myself, and it has instantly cleaned it and caused the healing process to start. If you don’t win this bottle, I’d love to talk to you about essential oils more. Or, you can just piggy back on one of my orders! Visit my doterra site here.



Essential Oil Roll-Ons

I’ve pitched in some of my favorite essential oil blends for the homesteader. Amy and I are on the same EO team, and we just have a ball talking everyday about health and taking control of your life! This is a great way to try out EOs.



Bite Me Goat Treats

This new product is pretty incredible, and these ladies have done an amazing job at getting the product out there. I’m really excited to bring these new all natural goat treats to my homestead friends! The particular treat that we’re giving away is the Squirmy Wormy treat. A natural de-wormer!



Homesteaders of America T-Shirt

We are excited about the new Homesteaders of America t-shirts! They will be on pre-sale very soon, but the special winner of this giveaway will get the very first one!



Tickets to the Homesteaders of America Conference

The ultimate gift! We’re giving away 2 tickets to the Homesteaders of America conference on Saturday October 14, 2017. Join homesteaders from across the United States (including myself!) to listen to Joel Salatin, Lisa Steele, Esther Emery, Off Grid with Doug and Stacy, and more!! Learn more at www.homesteadersofamerica.com


Here’s How You Enter

1. Visit the following pages and give them a like!

2. SHARE this post on your Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube Channel.

3. Comment below letting us know you’ve done these things, and tell us which present you want to win!

Please note that these presents most likely will not arrive before Christmas. If you are trying to win a gift for someone, you may consider giving them a little voucher to let them know their gift will arrive at a later date. 

Now, get to entering!!


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  1. Debra Beeuwsaert says

    I’ve “liked” all of the noted people/organizations on FB. I’ve also shared this on my FB page and I am also commenting to you.

  2. Robyn Ruggeroli says

    I’ve done those things! I would love the cook book. I cook from scratch and have been in a rug lately. I need some fresh ideas!

  3. Stephanie Brey says

    I am super excited about all of these gifts! Thank you for allowing to have a chance at them!
    I have done all that is required to become eligible.

  4. Nicole says

    Shared on Facebook I would be honored to win any of these prizes. I like the chick heater I love the T-shirt and the essential oils are always a perfect gift.

  5. Lin says

    I shared on Facebook (couldn’t use the share item above, don’t know why), on Pinterest and on Twitter. I would love, love, love the Brinsea EcoGlow 20! I brood my chicks in my office – I love the sight and sound of chicks – and would rather have the EcoGlow than the red heat lamp set up in there.

  6. Jennifer Jackson says

    Done! I’d love to be entered in the Brinsea Ecoglow. Thanks for doing these! So happy to see those of us starting out getting a chance to have better equipment!

  7. Mimi Lee says

    I sent a Like over to The Fewell Homestead and am looking forward to getting to know them and learning from them.
    Speaking of learning, the gift I would like to win is the Brinsea EcoGlow Brooder. Not sure what it’s about but we sure are looking forward to adding chickens to our homestead next spring after delaying for two years due to injuries.
    Thank you for the opportunity and Merry Christmas!!

  8. Kristin says

    Awesome giveaway. No I am a farm girl in the making lol.. totally me. Learning everyday. Old lady learning to be a farmgirl haaa ♡♡♡♡ I completed everything.

  9. Ronda Smith says

    I liked all the pages and shared. So generous of you. I would love the Brinsea ecoglo, cookbook, or the goat treats. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  10. Linda Norton says

    I completed the list needed to enter the drawing. I would like the essential oils roll ons… Thanks for the chance

  11. Samantha Barnett says

    Hi! Shared and already liked all the pages! I would like the essential oil roll-ons. I love essential oils and use them all the time.

  12. DeeDee Swanson says

    Thank you for another wonderful chance to experience some goodies. All pages are liked and this post has been shared. I would love a chance to try some of the essential oils even the brooder would be very useful. Merry Christmas.

  13. Diane says

    Yes, I like them all!! I’m learning so much and grateful for the knowledge of you all, my goal is to one day soon be with you on this page inspiring others!!

  14. Sue Knoth says

    Great giveaway! I’d love that cookbook, the essential oils and a chance to go to that conference! How cool! Thanks for the chance. 🙂 liked and shared.

  15. Yvette Carpenter says

    Done and done. I already had liked most of the pages, so that was so simple to do. I both pinned and tweeted. I would love the cookbook, The Elliott Homestead Cookbook. Thanks for giving us all a chance to some really cool things

  16. SJ Moore says

    What a great giveaway! Don’t really think I could pick just one thing over all of it that I want the most. It’s all great! Made sure to share. Thanks

  17. Lillian M Hansen says

    Hi I have liked all the above pages and shared on facebook. I would love to win the BRINSEA ECOGLOW 20. I am starting my baby chicks this year for the first time on my homestead. Thank you so much.

  18. Jeannie Wiseman says

    I liked all the links:

    The Fewell Homestead, Homesteaders of America, A Farm Girl in the Making and Brinsea Incubator Specialists!

    Shared on my FB page: https://www.facebook.com/jeannie.m.wiseman (via the link on “Farm Girl in the Marking”!

    I would LOVE to win and of the gifts, but the Homesteaders of America t-shirt is my FAV! =)

    I already own the ecoglow from Brinsea and LOVE it… not that I couldn’t use (2)! lol I have 20 baby chicks on pre-order for Feb 2017! =)

    • Jeannie Wiseman says

      PS – I would LOVE to win the conference tickets, too! lol Don’t count me out on that!! I would ***LOVE*** to meet Joel Salatin!!!!!! I’ve followed him from Freedom Farms, books, audios, videos, etc……

  19. Lauren Celentano says

    Homesteaders of America tickets would be absolutely amazing to go with my fiance. (Have to get our roommate to watch the farm!) But the squirmy wormy goatie treats would be great for our two (hopefully with a few on the way) milk goats… Honestly any of those prizeswould be wonderful. Love you all!

  20. Lauren Celentano says

    Homesteaders of America tickets would be absolutely amazing to go with my fiance. (Have to get our roommate to watch the farm!) But the squirmy wormy goatie treats would be great for our two (hopefully with a few on the way) milk goats… Honestly any of those prizeswould be wonderful. Love you all! Did all!

  21. Suzy says

    I have liked all the pages and shared this on Facebook.

    I would love to win the Elliot Homestead Cookbook or the essential oil roll on.

    They all look fabulous, though. What’s generous giveaway!

    Merry Christmas from Gambier, Ohio!!

  22. Brooke Buzard says

    Done! Pages liked and contest shared. The Brinsea Ecoglow 20 would be tremendous! We were planning our chick order for March during dinner tonight. Our Brooder is in the garage and we use heat lamps. The Brinsea Ecoglow looks like a complete game changer.

  23. Martha Waugh says

    I have done all of the entry requirements. Thank you for the opportunity to win. I would love to win the Brinsea Ecoglow brooder. Such a safer alternative to the scary heat lamps.

  24. MaryJo Heine says

    I have liked all the FB pages. And I shared this post. I would love the Brinsea heater or any of the oils. I already own the cookbook, it’s great! And I don’t have goats, yet!

  25. Lauren Paolini says

    Woo-hoo! Done! I would love the cookbook or essential oils! I haven’t used essential oils before, and am curious to check them out.

  26. Lori Hindman says

    All pages liked! I would love either of the essential oil gifts or the cookbook. Thanks for taking part in sponsoring the giveaway!

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